01-10-2015: The Red Planet
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Humanity stands at the dawn of the twenty-first century, and what promise it has! Is world peace finally within reach? Prosperity and happiness for all? If it's up to the Soviet World Government; yes, definitely! The United States of America - capitalist, authoritarian, and all-in-all terrible - is collapsing; the populace is on the precipice of open revolt in large swathes of the country, citizens have fled to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or even Liberia out of all places (and move from there into the wider world of communism and affluence), and just a few years ago, Mexico - backed by the Soviet World Government - waged a successful war against the United States of America. Nuclear weapons, you ask? I didn't see you ask that about Command & Conquer Red Alert 2! Don't let nukes get into the way of glorious Mexican expansion, okay? Okay.

In this world, the Soviets and the USA behaved quite different during WWII (and afterwards, of course). The USA was less willing to help out, while the Soviets were better prepared for the inevitable war with Germany. The Soviets adopted a remarkably more benevolent course, providing aid to the European countries that had suffered under the Nazis, courting the most powerful ones so as to get in their good books, and generally being a benevolent-ish force trying its best, much like the USA of our world. 'Course, considering our world has known things such as the USA's interference with South America, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars, and so on...

Unlike our world, capitalism is associated with authoritarianism (and other negatives), whereas communism is associated with democracy (and other positives). This association is mostly correct, just like in our world the opposite is true. Racism against black and brown people exists far, far, far less than in our world, probably thanks to the fact that Europe and North America aren't the richest continents. Instead, Africa, South America, and Asia are all doing quite good. Such is the glory of communism - but alas, central Europe has suffered as a result, and anti-Germanic discrimination is extremely prevalent. I mean, look at what horrors they inflicted upon our world, it must be Nazi genes or something! This racism extends itself to anyone associated with Germany - Italians, Austrians, the Dutch, Scandinavian people... - and is usually more or less allowed, because nobody wants to be seen supporting Nazism. And because of the rather poor condition of former Germany, to say the least, and also because a lot of Germanic people have been resettled elsewhere to pollute the Nazi genes (or they just fled), some kind of civil rights movement doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

Still, the Soviet World Government is a usually benevolent-ish organisation, and it can't be denied they have brought peace and prosperity (a nice slogan, not?) to the farthest corners of the world. Technology is pretty advanced - roughly twenty years more - the world is a lot more interconnected, and people are more global in their outlook, so to say. Lots of people are part of the Soviet >World< Government, after all. It's a nice world. Nicer than our own, when you consider everything. But even a nice world has plenty of negativity...

1) The Pacific is a very militarised place, what with it being so close to the United States of America. The Hunt for the Red October happens all year round, not only in October, and the acquisition of Hawaii by the Soviet World Government was both a very careful dance of diplomacy and excellently timed aggression, as well as a monumental strategic victory. Currently, a few decades later, Hawaii is content with its situation, and enjoys its status as an important island (group) with lots of commerce thanks to regular military activities and being a vacation paradise for frozen Siberians.

2) Were you really expecting anything different? What kind of Soviet-wank map doesn't have a Soviet Alyeska? And, again, were you really expecting anything different? What kind of Soviet-wank map doesn't turn 'Alaska' into the vaguely Russian sounding 'Alyeska', for no reason whatsoever, especially considering 'Alyeska' is merely the archaic spelling of the Aleut word 'Alaska', which means 'great land' or 'mainland' or such. At least, if I correctly remember what I once read on Wikipedia. Ehm, breaking the fourth wall? \o/

3) You don't know the meaning of 'hyper militarist' yet if you haven't been to good old American Alaska of apple pie and capitalism and freedom and democracy and liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the hanging of hundreds of citizens on gallows built in the sea so that the tide will make sure they drown eventually... Ehm, what was that last part? Ignore that last part! Alaska stands for America and apple pie!

4) Canada became an 'observer' of the Scandinavian Union, and has used this union to have dialogue with the Soviet World Government. They couldn't be too open about it, out of fear of the USA, but now that the USA is collapsing more and more, Canada is becoming more overt in its socialist aspirations.

5) The British liked some additional security. They weren't blind; they knew that turning to the Soviet World Government for aid and all would be received with less than positive response from the USA. And they really wanted to keep Canada as a close ally, at least. So they kept Newfoundland. Canada, meanwhile, has some additional protection against the USA.

6) The Soviet World Government provided vast amounts of aid to the natives in the two Dakotas, leading to the establishment of an Apartheid state where the natives now rule. Curiously enough, the Soviet World Government hasn't really pushed for Nativist Dakota to turn to communism, and as such, Dakota still has a capitalist economic system.

7) This is what is left of the Mormon State - engineered by the Soviet World Government, of course - where socialism meets luddism and religion. Most of this Mormon State, formerly known as Utah, is now controlled by Mexico - a very valuable ally of the Soviet World Government, even though Mexico has a lot of capitalist features beneath the surface - and Mexico has a bit of trouble turning the religious luddite populace into, y'know, normal citizens. The Soviet World Government is good at brainwashing and indoctrination.

8) Mexico travelled back in time to before the Mexican-American war. Well, war broke out, merely a few years ago, and the Soviet World Government invaded through Mexico. Not that it was much of an invasion, literally all states saw gigantic communist uprisings, welcoming the Soviets with open arms. And the USA did cast the first stone, by invading Florida and brutally executing hundreds of Californians (critics note that Florida was invaded by the Soviet-backed Cubans, and that California was still part of the USA, so that, maybe, the USA didn't cast the first stone). In return for leaving all this land into Mexico's hands, Mexico promised to join the Soviet World Government in the near future, whenever that may be. With one exception; California really wanted to become a member already. Surprisingly, nuclear missiles weren't used during this war. Rumour has it that a man known as Yuri used his psychic talents to ensure the USA's nuclear arsenal would be unusable...

9) The United States of America is far less united than it looks. In the north-west, the USA realises it has lost, and would like to survive in peace. In the south, people think it's better to die with honour and capitalism than to ever surrender. Anywhere else, especially around the Great Lakes and to the east, many, very many, are wondering whether they should rise up in favour of communism. But, the USA survives. Sort of. For now. A capitalist nation that makes 1984 look like a pale imitation of what authoritarianism and concerns over security can do.

10) The reverse Bay of Pigs was a resounding success, comrade!

11) The Soviet World Government was only too happy to keep Europe's colonial powers - the British, the French, and the Dutch - keep their colonies. For one, it made them feel indebted to the Soviet World Government, especially with the USA talking about things like 'self determination' and other such nonsense. And for two, it meant that the Caribbean was a Soviet place. All the warm water ports they could ever desire, right there! No trans-continental railroad, but, there's Alyeska for that. Alsace-Lorraine is an acceptable sacrifice.

12) The independence movement of the Maya - engineered by the Soviet World Government - was only a partial success, but, a success all the same.

13) Guatemala and El Salvador seem to be in an eternal competition of who can be the most authoritarian - fascist - dictatorship ever. The Soviet World Government obviously blames capitalism for that. Nicaragua is at least a semi-benevolent authoritarian capitalist nation, allowing people freedom of speech and all that.

14) Obviously Panama's strategic importance wasn't ignored by the Soviet World Government. And the people were only too happy to have a strong power protecting them from all the covert operations of the USA.

15) Hugo Chávez lead Venezulea into the open arms of the Soviet World Government, bringing peace and prosperity to all his people.

16) Ecuador and Colombia, on the other hand, are capitalist and authoritarian powers, where corruption and crime runs rampant. Every other person thinks they can make themselves rich by selling drugs, leading to so many wasted lives... But that's capitalism for you.

17) Surinam had a violent communist revolution. It didn't work out well for them at all - although the Soviet World Government was quick to take them in - but the current strongman in power seems to be having some success combating the anarchism, lawlessness, and civil war.

18) Brazil is, without doubt, the superpower of the Americas, much like our USA is. It has its own Union of South American Nations, for those who don't really want to join up with the Soviet World Government, but who do recognise the benefits of closer ties (mostly economical).

19) Argentina is Brazil's closest ally, having been lifted out of corruption and misery by Brazil, and going on to become a very close second, now that Argentina can fully exploit its natural potential.

20) Why would anyone care about one of the many hundreds - thousands - of islands in the possession of Great Britain?

21) The Shining Path movement, heavily backed by Chinese soldiers, has carved out a huge chunk of Peru. Brazil has intervened, and is holding the river for now.

22) Chile is a classic dictatorship, digging bunkers on every beach so as to keep the population at work. And so that the population doesn't have to look at their starving children constantly.

23) The Scandinavian Union was formed to preserve democracy (success!) and to prevent forceful annexation by the Soviet World Government (success!). Having embraced socialism and being the go-to power for anyone that needs something done (they're neutral-ish, and they're surprisingly powerful, especially naval-wise), they have had quite a good century, and look to the future with optimism.

24) Swedes forever wonder if they made the right choice by agreeing to join the Soviet World Government. They're not bad off, mind, but, Norway is just a bit richer and seems to be just a bit happier... 'Tis kind of an inferiority complex for Sweden. But of course, people would be right in pointing out that joining this Scandinavian Union would have been silly; the Soviet World Government supports democracy, and doesn't forcefully annex anyone. Unless you happen to live in central Europe and can be associated with Nazism... And, well, the Nordic people and the Germanic people are pretty close, so who knows what could have happened if they had joined up with the Scandinavian Union? Would that have been perceived as a threat? But it might have brought more prosperity and freedom...

25) Ireland turned towards the USA in the aftermath of WWII. That was a big mistake. At least the Irish aren't Germanic though.

26) While the British might not be doing as good as France, they're a close second. Seems like their socialist capitalism actually works, and that without sliding into authoritarianism, extortion, and corruption. What a surprise! The Dutch have been following the British, but they're noticeably poorer and worse off. 'Course, they're Germanic, and practically Germans at that, so what'd one expect of them? There's growing support in the Netherlands for joining up with the Soviet World Government, however.

27) Even though the Portuguese government in exile was accidentally assassinated by agents from the USA and Brazil during a failed coup in 1964, every now and then a website, ad, email, virus, or something else, appears to proclaim the glory of Portugal and how all its enemies shall rue the day they crossed Portugal. Curiously, analysts note that the writing and coding style of all these things are suspiciously similar, indicating that the same person or the same group is behind it all. Some claim Salazar, or people loyal to him, are behind it all, and that they live on in Brazil's rainforests, hidden from all.

28) The fascists thought they had won the civil war. Oh how very wrong they were. A las barricadas, now with decidedly more communist music! The streets were also often redecorated to a nice liquid red, and the demand for gallows reached new heights.

29) France, as the primary victim of Nazi Germany, and the primary continental power in Europe, was an important nation for the Soviet World Government directly after the Second Patriotic War. Luckily, it was also a broken nation, and it wasn't hard to make sure France took a socialistic course. While it took a few decades, France thrived eventually, and both France and French Africa are some of the best developed places of the whole world. Indeed, it is said that French and Russian are the world's primary languages and cultural influences.

30) Germania delenda est! And, to forever guarantee the world won't experience such horrors as befell upon her during the Second Patriotic War, Germany shall forever be divided and Germans shall be interbred with so many others that Nazist genes will die out. Anti-German racism is extremely common (and by association, anti-Nordic (Scandinavia and all), anti-Germanic (the Netherlands, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Switzerland), and anti-Italian racism, too). Some darkly remark that the Holocaust just falls short when compared to the horrors the Soviets have inflicted upon the many millions of Germanic peoples all throughout the world. Racism and discrimination against them is openly accepted by most authorities, for one, including violent acts. They probably had it coming.

But yes, Germania delenda est! Lands of former Germany were forced upon the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France (the latter was the only one who had any kind of interest in these lands). Austria, too, was partly handed over to Czechoslovakia. Eventually, to lessen tensions in this carved up hellhole that was - is? - central Europe, and to punish Stuttgart for yet another violent protest, Austria acquired a piece of former Germany as well. On good days, Austrians laugh at this farce. On bad days, they wonder whether they can ever be free of being roped in with the Germans; racism and misery and a broken country and all ain't fun - especially not if you're always seen as 'the second Germany'.

So you can imagine that, after a decade or so, the people living in east Germany thanked all the gods that they had been forcefully annexed to the Soviet World Government. Sure, their country might have been pillaged, looted, and burned, but, they could rebuild that in the coming decades, and the German populace was so numerous (many were resettled to Siberia, but still) that they had a bit more protection against racism and all.

31) Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia are forever competing with each other; who has the highest living standards, who has the best healthcare, who has the highest GDP, who has the nicest flowers...

32) 'Fascism' is still going strong in Romania and Bulgaria. Well, they're your run of the mill dictatorships, and conspiracy theorists posit that they only exist to show how horrible fascism is and as a justification for the racism against Germanic people (are Romanians and Bulgarians Germanic? Eh, they're fascist, 'nuff said). To the Soviet World Government, any kind of dictatorship is fascism. Democracy is a big thing. With the occasional provision that the right party should get in power.

33) North Italy was surprisingly docile and complying with the Soviets, but that didn't save them for being thrown in with the Nazis, and they're still part of the Pact for Peace and Prosperity, just like Austria, Stuttgart, and Essen are. The primary purpose of this pact is to give the Soviet World Government the authority to interfere however they like within these four countries. Mostly to keep track of the populace, force interbreeding and intermarrying - arranged marriages are a big thing, as is sexual liberty, so as to further dilute the Nazist gene pool - and to correct court cases and the like that didn't turn out in their favour. There might be just a tiny bit of corruption involved, here and there...

34) Getting the Vatican as an SSR was a an absolutely HUGE victory for the Soviet World Government. It also marked the beginning of the end of 'them vile commies seek to exterminate our souls and extinguish our religions!'

35) South Italy was annexed by the Soviets; their armies landed there to invade the rest of Italy, but this temporary stop turned into a long occupation. Even despite seeing their whole country looted and plundered, they're glad they're not North Italy. And besides, they're part of the Soviet World Government, that's something!

36) It is rumoured that the Soviet World Government was behind the war between Greece and Turkey. So much poverty and destruction, the Soviet World Government just had to intervene in the aftermath. And never leave. Turkey is a broken and authoritarian nation, though if one ignores the crippling poverty and nationalism, it's actually a nice place to live, with a nice welfare system and all (still capitalist, mind). Greece, on the other hand, has taken inspiration from Romania and Bulgaria, and tuned it up to eleven. 'Irredentism' once became the best word of the year, and certain politicians have started speaking up about how both the Jewish - Hitler - and the Moslem - Turkey - are to blame for all the world's woes.

37) The Levantine Union is an uneasy construct meant to preserve their independence. They work very closely together with Turkey, as both nations are capitalist (and quite authoritarian, though not malevolent or anything), and both nations feel rather threatened by Persia, Israel, and the Soviet World Government as a whole.

38) Persia has enjoyed decades of peace and prosperity under the socialist and democratic Ayatollahs. Attempts at multiculturalism were successful, and when an oppressive dictator rose to power in Iraq amidst of a civil war, Persia intervened and helped rebuild the region, bringing peace and prosperity to all.

39) Pakistan dared to turn towards the decadent and capitalist USA for support. After steamrolling through Afghanistan, the Soviet World Government felt it was time to reward its faithful ally India, and together they carved up most of Pakistan. Bloodied and broken, Pakistan has taken a decidedly more nationalistic - and Muslim supremacist, up to the point of ethnic cleansing - course, but it keeps quiet in isolation, too weak to do anything. For now. But if rumours about them acquiring nuclear weaponry are true...

40) A prosperous and influential superpower that has the honour of calling itself the Soviet World Government's closest ally. Ethnic tensions and remnants of the caste system and all that rot have long since been removed thanks to the positive influences of communism (oh, and the arms shipments and vacationing Russian veterans - but India invited them in, and they don't like to think back to those dark years right after WWII).

41) Shortly after its communist revolution, China distanced itself from the Soviet World Government, perhaps seeking to replace it as the world's primary power. An escalation of hostilities ensued, including events such as the creation of the Liberated Korean People's Republic at sword point by Chinese armies, the Eisenhower Plan (also called the Domino Plan; if we can get one communist nation to turn against the Soviets, more will follow and all communism will collapse, like a series of dominoes) that saw an absolutely massive monetary and industrial aid to China, various covert and not-so-covert ops in Indochina to undermine the French, and more. Eventually the Soviet World Government reacted most violently to a series of border incidents. After a long and bloody war reminiscent of the western front of the Great Patriotic War, leaving tens if not hundreds of millions dead, peace was declared, with China as the clear losing party. Even so, the nascent nations carved off of China only hate the Soviet World Government more for dotting their countryside with blood and bodies, and arguably this horrible war made China's position in Indochina only stronger.

42) Japan is not a country; it is a bone. A bone that three dogs - the Soviet World Government, the United States of America, and the People's Republic of China - have been fighting over for decades now. But with the USA collapsing and China bloodied, the Soviet World Government seems to be the clear victor. On one hand, the Japanese are tired of being fought over, and suffering as a result. On the other, allying with the vastly more powerful reds would be perceived as a surrender and a loss of honour, the capitalist pig dogs of the decadent west aren't worthy of respect, and the chinks are the age-old enemy and obviously inferior to the reds. A small plurality of Japanese people would choose the Soviets, out of the three factions, but then there's also the problem that the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 hasn't been forgotten.

43) The Soviet World Government aided France as best as they could, but eventually half of the populace ended up dead, with no functioning state or governmental structure or what have you, and, well... It turned out quietly leaving wasn't too good of an idea either, although there came a point where the next genocidal dictator had nobody to commit genocide against. China poured absolutely massive amounts of money, resources, and people into Indochina, so things are a bit better now. That is to say, you don't need to fear being raped or beheaded within your own house, and you can actually hold a job and travel to it in relative safety. Anyway, if people ask you why Indochina is known as Red China, it's not because red is the colour of communism; it's because of all the blood. And you thought Pol Pot was bad.

44) People suspect Chinese agents are responsible for Malaysia's drastic turn against the British, in favour of the Chinese. People are probably right, but it's a fait accompli, and the Malaysians have really bought into anti-British rhetoric.

45) Some islands were liberated from imperial Japan, others voluntarily applied for membership of the Soviet World Government, and yet others - the Philippines - rose up in violent rebellion against the USA when they tried to send all exiles - political dissidents, jaywalkers, what have you - to the Philippines. Understandably, the Philippines didn't appreciate being turned into a penal colony.

46) At the request of the Netherlands, France, and the UK, the Soviet World Government brought peace and order back to Indonesia, so that the Netherlands might move back in when they have recovered from the war. This, the Netherlands did pretty quickly, and although they had to put down various rebellions, colonial rule was restored. For a few years; apparently the Soviet World Government had promised independence and prosperity to Indonesia. This might have sparked a war, but it's not as if Europe's colonial governments could do anything about it, having been shattered by the war. Least of all the Netherlands. So infrastructure was built up, strong trade agreements were made, and then Indonesia was handed over to the Indonesians. Some parts joined the Soviet World Government, others didn't.

47) Half a decade later, the Revolutionary People's Movement of Swarna Dwipa (Sumatra) established their own independent state, including seizing half of Java by force (and Chinese-backed insurgents). One wonders whether this Revolutionary People's Movement was birthed in China too. Regardless, they are now an impoverished dictatorship, and the only thing their violent anti-everything-west rhetoric brought them was the Netherlands investing more money into the rest of Indonesia, and even establishing military bases to protect them, all at the request of Indonesia. About three decades later, Indonesia is back under Dutch control, officially speaking. Unofficially speaking, it really isn't, and, for instance, any region of Indonesia that so desires can instantly opt for independence or inclusion into the Soviet World Government. But it nicely fuels the rhetoric of Swarna Dwipa, so that's something.

48) Australia started out by copying British socialist capitalism, but has become increasingly socialist / communist, whereas New Zealand started out as capitalist and has only been transforming towards socialist capitalism in the last few decades. New Zealand does often feel itself to be the younger brother of Australia, and this economic situation doesn't help that. It's kind of a complex. And it's slowly radicalising the populace; why must they always be inferior? The game 'Team Fortress 2' - a massive hit - doesn't help matters either.

49) A very recent development, but apparently a bunch of people lighting themselves on fire was enough to kick-start a revolution in Tunisia. It was relatively bloodless - only a few hundred died - and France quickly acquiesced to Tunisia's independence, but what will happen now is anyone's guess. How will Tunisia be governed? What about its economy? Its international relationships? The world is watching. And out of the collapsing USA, a clique of secret agents and government officials have set sail eastwards - though nobody knows this. Mayhap they have already ingrained themselves into this new Tunisia. Who knows?

50) Britain sort of managed to keep its empire together here. It's practically independent, mind, but it makes use of British institutions to govern such a huge slice of land. And from the British perspective, it's nice to be able to paint the map a nicely shade of pink and say that they're still a world power. Which they are, truth to be told.

51) The world at large (or is that the Soviet World Government?) is fed up with the oppressive, sexist, and theocratic Arabian regime. Besides, Britain wants its south-eastern lands back, lost decades ago. An ongoing war, though undoubtedly a short and successful one. Home by Christmas, as they say.

52) Ethiopia, through a curious twist of fate, became a refuge for Italian fascists. And a short while later, Italians simply wishing to avoid persecution for being Italian. A few Austrians also joined in, and before you know it, Ethiopia was a bastion of Germanic genes. The Soviet World Government invaded, and to this very day, Ethiopia is divided between a British, French, and Soviet zone of control. It's not a bad place, mind, and most Ethiopians occasionally joke about how they live in limboland.

53) Somalia is a hub of commerce, although French Djibouti (and of course, the Suez Channel) generate a lot of profit too.

54) The East African Federation is a source of great pride for Africans worldwide; a powerful and rich country, built by Africans, and built for Africans. Sure, it was guided and helped along by the Soviet World Government, but still!

55) Voluntarily joined the Soviet World Government (and is doing fine enough).

56) Voluntarily stayed with the British (and is glad it isn't hyper-nationalist and dirt-poor, like Liberia).

57) Voluntarily joined the United States of America (and then became swarmed by refugees from the USA escaping their collapsing nation, with predictable results)

58) Voluntarily joined French Africa (and has ever since been pretty happy with this decision).

59) Has applied for admission into the Soviet World Government. It'll be the who-knows-how-manyth member sometime soon. Finally, there will only be one Congo.

60) The Soviet World Government intervened here with a very hard hand. Society approached 1984 levels, but, a decade later, crime and violence and all that had disappeared, and Congo's full potential could finally be realised. A rather affluent and influential place, though one with a pitch-black haunting spectre.

61) Angola was transferred to Brazil as a token of good will by the Soviet World Government.

62) Now this is an interesting situation. Britain - and the Soviet World Government - put pressure on South Africa when it began showing expansionist ambitions, combined with more and more brutal ways of keeping the wealthy, white elite on top. At the same time, seeing Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia becoming poorer and poorer (relative to other countries), and seeing the success of the newfangled East African Federation, Britain also quietly urged those three countries to cooperate more. Over time - and with perhaps a bit too much intervention from Britain - this South African Confederation came into existence... Nobody is really happy with it, and Britain keeps a very tight lid on them, but, small successes show up here and there, so, who knows, it might have a future beyond being a poverty struck racist hellhole ('course, this confederation instantly broke South Africa's de jure Apartheid, but de facto...).

63) Santa is a commie (and lives in Antarctica? Don't question it!). Why else do you think he wears red?