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Phew so tired. I'm the sort of person who doesn't have the time to ever be bored. There are just too many stories and characters to create to take any time to slack off. Though, I really do need to work in some time for activities that will help to improve my health. 

This fortnight I've experimented with new tools, tweaked my work schedule, prepped new products for comic conventions, among others. I've barely the time to even communicate with family members lately. ~ o~

Today I'll be making an appearance at a comic convention at a local high school, Rivercon. I don't suspect that I'll be able to make much there, that and my plans to make some new convention items to sell were thwarted. My printer refuses to recognize my refillable ink cartridges, the bags i purchased to put my trading card sized prints were too small for the task and the printers didn't give me the color quality I was hoping for. 

Ah well at least there will be a second chance in 2 weeks at Raven Con. Looks l'll be able to secure an actual Vendors table which will allow me a chance to try and sell some of the many Anime Figurines I've collected over the years. Hopefully I can sell enough to cover next months expenses or at least break even on the cost of the convention Table, gas, food, and lodging. :\

Its thanks to all of your help that I've made it this far. I can feel that I'm on the verge of my work becoming self sustaining I just need to find a way to secure more patrons to reach the minimum financial goal necessary for survival. :p

Once I complete this comic commission I'll get back to work on the actual pages for Crimson Dames. The stories potential is increasing in new and interesting ways that I wish I could share with you all already. I wish there was a way to just link my brain up to you to see the story I'm envisioning first hand. ^ o^

I'm still pretty excited despite being so tired. Together we'll make some magic happen I promise you. ^_~