#028 TMI Genderbent Redo
So i wanted to try redrawing my babies since last time i did, which now looking at it, looks quite awful, and i decided that it was time. Taking into advantage the the beautifully talented Cassandra JEan uploaded Pics with everyone's parents at Shadowhunting age, or YA years i took a bit of too much advantage over their desings and pulled off some stuff like Jace right here having Céline's hairstyle, or Izzy having Robert's sort of hair but her mothers cheekyness.... so left to right i give you, Church (the cat), Iz (Isabelle) Lightwood, Simone Lewis, Jacy _________ (depends what book you're at), Clark Fray, Alexia Lightwood, and Miss Bane :D oh yeah we have Rafaella too with Chairman mew.... enjoy :D My retard ones will be all public because i was a shithead and i couldn't post on vacations....sorry