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#029 - The Nexus Trolls - D.V-Alar-Ande Casserole

On today's show we got to do a deep dive on the newest hero to join the Nexus.  The ex-Starcraft Pro turned Mech Pilot in Overwatch has now joined Heroes of the Storm.  This very unique hero has a play style like no other which leads to a very interesting conversation about her place in the game.

We also take a look at the two big reworks of the week.  Tyrande and Alarak now both play significantly differently than they did a week ago.  We take a close look at their new talents and abilities and give our take on them.  

We also had Round #6 of the HotS debate.  Mystic and LiQiuD debate which is more important in the game: mechanical skill or game knowledge.

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