032 Ngohiong House
 We decided to find a newly opened food store to eat... and since we crave some ngohiong and luckily this store is being its soft opening its branch, not much near from our place and that time we are in Landers Supermarket having our chill time and discussing some of our plans for life, decided to travel to this place and have dined there for our dinner. 

 Ngohiong is the local kin of a spring roll, a deep-fried, battered rice-paper roll containing chopped singkamas (jicama) and/or ubod, technically heart of coconut palm, but may also refer to bamboo shoots. And originally from eastern china.

Travelling in such place is what we excite because we were about to rate and experience what and how is the taste of their food. And we are amazed, because their ngohiong is taste like the other store that we usually eat, but that store is you should get there as early before lunch because they have limited their cookings at only 1pm. 

 This food is best paired by a PUSO or HANGING RICE.. Rice that cooked and boiled in a triangular casing made of woven coconut leaves. They called hanging rice because it`s been hanging in packs when its already ready to sell. 

 They have some of their variety of food, the native chicken which is very tasty than the regular chicken that we eat in some restaurants, longganisa, skinless chorizo and some soda that they sell. They offering also a pack of half cooked ngohiong for some people that wants to cooked them at home.

 032 Ngohiong House is located Gov. M. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City, Cebu Philippines 6000, front of Bright Academy School. But their main store is located in 728 M. L. Quezon Ave., 6014 Maguikay, Cebu, Philippines 6000.

 All i can say is, the best value for money. Recommended for students and workers that has a limited budget and what to save more on their money.

 Have a great day guys...