#038 The Other Side Of Me
Yep, i totally stole that from Hannah Montana... In other news We're on schedule again!! YAY!!! :DD meaning i did this one today and we're good. Ok so quickie one, the real deal about being a YA or, well, a person in general is that you have many sides of yourself that are not necessarily the only you there is and it's ok because they all make you who you are, even if sometimes they get you a bit confused about your own self... i have my Depressed side, i have my Fangirl geeky side (girl in the Korra costume), i have my fashionista bossy side, my overly excited side, my artistic shy and introverted side, my work-a-holic and constantly stressed over deadlines side and my super-violent and explosive side.... and it's all ok because they're all me and as long as i am content with them i'll live perhaps not a perfect life but a happier one. so love your other sides and embrace them! :D You're not just a type of personality, you're a bunch of experiences, remember that!