044 - On Experts, Algorithms, and Scientific Thinking

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Heyo Zengineers. Welcome back for a ride through the thick cloud of confusion around the modern accessibility of trustworthy information. In this episode we tackle this difficult question by analyzing what an expert really is.

Does the word expert create specific imagery in your mind? Do you picture a parent, sibling, or friend? How about a teacher, professor, or professional confidant? Maybe you picture a coach, actor, or president! Whatever you picture when you hear the word "expert," know that you're probably thinking about something different than the person down the hall. This is a complex and subtle discussion and everyone will have their own opinions, perceptions, and world views.

Expertise is something we all chase throughout our lives, and it's something we value tremendously in other human beings, but ... what really is it? How do you obtain expertise? Who should you trust and why? What are the implications of applying this label to other humans?

This is a difficult and complex subject, and it's never been more complex or more important than it is in the world right now. Like most of the complex issues faced by our species today, this one is pretty squishy ... it's pretty relative ... and it really really really depends on who you ask. Well ... if you ask us, you'll get the answers we present over the next hour, but know that it's taken months for us to have a civil and orderly conversation on this topic. This has been probably our most difficult episode, but we're proud of where we found ourselves by the end.

Enjoy this episode! And let us know who some of your most trusted experts are in the show notes on our website at https://www.zengineeringpodcast.com. We're always looking for great new sources of trustworthy and valuable information and perspectives. And, as always, don’t forget to rate and review us on iTunes and support Zengineering on Patreon.

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