05.05.17 Reading - Have Confidence
Today the angels are saying to have confidence.  Dress up a little, put on a little extra makeup or whatever makes you feel better about yourself and trust the angels and the Creator with the rest.

We all have days, moments where we are tired or maybe a little down. Perhaps you are going for an interview and you have doubts.  Trust in the Divine to guide your words and actions towards the best possible outcome and listen for that guidance. It will never steer you wrong.

Today I was feeling that and just as my daughter had told me earlier in the day, my dear friend and the angels reiterated that encouragement to get me back out of bed and write this post.  Yes, even I get discouraged at times and let doubts and fears get to me.

Thank you to Cat and Luna for the encouragement and to the angels who literally put a message in front of my face that said, "Don't give up."

Dear Angels, please help me to stay strong and thank you for giving me the confidence to go that one more day.

And really, that is all we need at the end of the day: confidence to go just one more day.

Peace and Joy!