061: 4mat, ectogemia, NNNNNNNNNN, hydden(ReChip)
May 28th, 2014 - New album from chipmusic legend 4mat, we hear chiptunes from Japan’s NNNNNNNNNN and hydden(ReChip), new game music from ectogemia, the team-up between BoxPlot, Mega Flare and Selerac, and singles from Shirobon, IAYD and RoboTrash. - - TRACKLIST - - ectogemia - Title ectogemia - OK, GO ectogemia - Bully ectogemia - Friendship hydden(ReChip) - Mode Select hydden(ReChip) - Mist hydden(ReChip) - Chimney hydden(ReChip) - KungFu hydden(ReChip) - Branch hydden(ReChip) - Sharp hydden(ReChip) - Doom hydden(ReChip) - Boss 1 hydden(ReChip) - Boss 2 hydden(ReChip) - Last Stage 1 hydden(ReChip) - Last Stage 2 Tetracase - 始め (Begin) Tetracase - Cavort NNNNNNNNNN - Fuck yeah NONONONO -Los Angeles- IAYD - BIZZNASS Shirobon - Under The Moonlight 4mat - Waves rush to shore 4mat - Oil on canvas 4mat - Nadir RoboTrash - The Janitor's Revenge Dj CUTMAN - Red Soil Reboot (for Sammus) - - LINKS - - http://4mat.bandcamp.com/album/nadir http://ectogemia.bandcamp.com/album/beware-the-bully-ost https://tetracase.bandcamp.com/album/begin http://nnnnnnnnnn.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-lovely-lovely https://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com/album/ripple-runner-deluxe-original-soundtrack https://stuntddude.bandcamp.com/album/notebook-memories https://hydden.bandcamp.com/album/megaman-like-bgm-3 https://shirobon.bandcamp.com/track/under-the-moonlight http://robotrash.net/track/the-janitors-revenge https://soundcloud.com/iayd/bizznass https://soundcloud.com/djcutman/red-soil-reboot-for-sammus/
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