064 Pillopsy
 064 Pillopsy

The Papillon Pokémon

Don't let their cute appearance fool you, Pillopsy are adept hunters and have been known to use their Psychic abilities maliciously.  Pillopsy often lure predators, such as large bird Pokémon, to them just to attack them.  It is theorized that Pillopsy possibly do this to prevent predators from preying on the young Pillo.  Pillopsy's fur is incredibly dense and often smaller Bugs end up caught up in it.  Pillopsy partner will partner with another Pillopsy for life, with both enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship of cleaning – and sometimes eating – smaller Bugs out of each other's fur. 

Type - Bug // Psychic

Ability - Swarm 

In Battle Effect - When HP is below 1/3rd its maximum, power of Bug-type moves is increased by 50%.

Out-With Battle Effect - While travelling, the roar of common wild Pokémon can be heard more often if the Pokémon is in the lead spot.

Ability - Tangling Hair 

Lowers opponent's Speed by 1 stage when the opponent makes physical contact with the Pokémon.

Hidden Ability - Fur Coat 

Halves the damage from physical moves onto this Pokémon.

Pillo >>>LV35>>> Pillopsy

Pillopsy is based on it's pre-evolved form, Pillo.
Pillopsy's name comes from “papillon” and “psychic”. 

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