069 Talking about the Fear Factors of Bariatric Surgery with Dr Raul Rosenthal

My guest today is Dr Raul Rosenthal. Dr Rosenthal works at the Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston Florida, where he is a bariatric surgeon, chief of surgery, chief of staff, and the director of the Cleveland Clinic Florida Metabolic and Bariatric Institute. In addition to all those good works, he is also the current president of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

In this episode we talk about the fear factors people confront when they are considering bariatric surgery as part of the treatment plan for their obesity. I reached out to Dr Rosenthal after I read his article the the ASMBS journal, Connect, titled:“Fear Factor: Our Patients Fear Bariatric Surgery More than Obesity!” Click HERE to read the article.

Discussed in the Episode:

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Dr Raul Rosenthal, his story of becoming a bariatric surgeon

Men and obesity

Primary Care Providers role in beginning the conversation

Denial goes both ways- people affected by obesity may not know and primary care providers may not talk about it

The ten reasons people do not seek bariatric surgery, also discussed in Episode 50 of this podcast

Fear of failure

Intimidation of asking about fears

Dr Allan Whitgrove changed the field of gastrointestinal surgery

The chronicity of obesity

The ASMBS obesity prevention committee

The misconceptions of bariatric surgery

The fear of weight regain during pregnancy after bariatric surgery

Humans are energy storing machines

Dr Rosenthal explains how the sleeve gastrectomy helps people lose weight

The evolution of the sleeve since it’s beginning in 2004

The importance of helping not only patients understand sleeve gastrectomy but also other physicians understand this surgery too

What Dr Rosenthal takes into consideration when considering sleeve or RYGB for each patient

What questions should a patient seek to answer when interviewing a bariatric surgery center

Medical tourism: Benefits and risks

The ASMBS is working to increase access to care (insurance coverage) for all people affected by obesity and not just surgical care but all evidence-based obesity treatment options.

Dr Rosenthal’s goal for his term as president of the ASMBS

My favorite quote from this episode

"Sleeve gastrectomy is the stomach of the 21st century"

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