076 - In-depth Inking Tutorial!

Hello, Bros. Mister Family Friendliness is here. Did you miss me? Well, I certainly did miss you. 7 days without you guys... it was hell. But now were are together again. Happy emotes, hugs and kisses. Welcome to the Monday Post #076.

Everywhere you look you see pics of me drawing. Do you know why that is? Haven't you heard? I am a serious artists now. All grown up and boring-- *khem!* I meant to say professional. No edgy jokes or juvenile gifs here. (Please, somebody kill me...)

The Video. Did you appreciate the inking tutorial? Don't you dare to say that I don't record any video now. Because I clearly do. Recorded this one with my phone which I was holding in my other hand. You can even hear the camera desperately trying to adjust the focus every 2 seconds. The high quality content you came to expect from me, right?

Got my IELTS test results. 7.5 points overall is a pretty good result. But 5.5 for the writing part is a bid depressing. Especially considering that I do a lot of creative writing for my games. I think I may have a dysgraphia or something. Honestly I always double and triple check everything I write (comments and emails included), because when I don't.... well, when I don't I get freaking 5.5 points on my IELTS test T_T. *Sigh...* During the test they give you harsh time limits, so there is no time to check your own writing properly. I also attempted to be funny a few times in my essay, probably was a bad idea. Oh, well, 7.5 overall for an Acadimc EILTS test is still a good result. I shouldn't complain :)

New patrons. I've been meaning to bring this up for a while now. We have a pretty tightly-knit community of like-minded individuals here, which sort of fully formed quite a while ago. So I don't see "You have a new patron" notifications in my email that often. But it still happens every now and then. Going through the data and mentioning every new Patron by name would mean too much work. But I just want to say this to all the new Patrons: welcome to the family...

My website. Thankfully nobody bugged my about this yet, but my website has not been updated since the release of the previous episode.. The reason for that is that I lost the password to my website-building app. And the recover thingy just refuses to send me password reset email for some reason. Anyway I am way too busy with working on Episode 08 at the moment to try and resolve this problem. Also nobody seems to care too much, so I'll just leave it as is for now.

Peach Ball finally dropped on Switch! Last week I wasn't feeling like doing anything at all, since that's how I usually feel during the writing phase of the development. That being said I did manage to spend a few hours with Peach Ball and it proved to be a lot of fun #^_^#

Fire Emblem. Also counting days to the Fire Emblem Three Houses release. Less than two weeks now. My body is so ready! :) Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I don't see any appeal in the Swicth Lite (or whatever it's called), but if it will help Nintendo sell more consoles, more power to it I guess.

The work. It's been 3 week since Episode 07 was released for the patrons. In the ideal world I would be almost done with Episode 08 by now . But in reality I am actually barely done with the writing. Now before you cancel your pledge and request a refund let me explain. I am trying something different with Episode 08. Something I've been contemplating for almost half a year now actually... *dramatic pause* To Be Continued...

More about Episode 08. Like I said, I am trying something new. And it will be a one-time thing. With Episode 09 it will be business as usual again  - will be aiming for a 1 month development window. But with this one it will probably take me a while, so just be ready for that.

More excuses-- *Khem!* explanations I mean . This thing I am trying with Episode 08 will warrant more effort on my part, but it should also translate into more content. (Hopefully). If all goes well Episode 08 will have 3 different endings and also some characters will be getting new, story related costumes. All in all it should be a lot of fun, but will take me a bit longer to develop. I am currently aiming for 2 month tops. If it will take me longer than that I will be very sad.

Teaser. That was a lot of words so here is a picture. This one is fresh from the lab. Care to guess who is this new outfit for? :)

In conclusion. I got 5.5 on my writing test... *Sob!* Life is pain. Jokes aside, thank you for you continuous support, bros. I still haven't given up on the idea of hosting some streams or recording proper videos of me working, but for now I need to concentrate on Episode 08 because, like I said, this one will requite some extra effort on my part OTL...

The gif. I am leaving you with this wholesome gif to help you last another week. See you next Monday, guys. Hugs and kisses.

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