[WARNING: Story contains scenes of explicit violence and gore] 

Transcript Excerpt of Captain Sylvia Armitstead, Warhound Company

March 8th, 2142

“For months after their birth, Ponytas run together in herds with guardian Rapidashes, both feeding on the bodies of humans and Pokémon throughout the Kantoan battlefields. The more the Ponytas eat, the stronger they grow, and the more bold and brutal they become in their herds. After enough time, the more brutal, aggressive Ponytas become strong enough to drag around larger prey. These Ponytas begin to make nests far away in craters of abandoned battlefields, volcanic caves, or ruined subway tunnels. Day after day, they fill these craters or pockets with dead bodies, sun bleached bones, and barbed wire. When satisfied with the nest’s additions, and fuse the bleeding wreck together with a molten splatter of blood and saliva that they drool and eject from their mouths.”

“Once these nests reach the size of a minibus, the Ponyta, driven by its instincts, pushes itself into the fused mass, lacerating itself and often ripping open its own eyes, nostrils, ears, and jaw in the process. It becomes warped and ragged, screaming as it drives with its back legs and pushes itself deeper into the nest. The molten blood running through its body begins pouring and melting into the bodies and wire underneath it. The radiating heat burns and melts everything inside the nest, and slowly forms a molten cocoon around itself. It reeks of something near to a barbecue of burnt hair, flesh, and car exhaust. Around one week later, the cocoon begins moving. The hardened shell bursts open in a steaming fountain of gore, revealing a disgusting unicorn made of corpses, wire, and a furiously burning mane.”

“Running back to its herd, the new Rapidashes maintain their metabolisms by devouring pieces and sometimes whole bodies of creatures and humans. My scouts inform me that these carnal nightmares will often run in herds of ten to twenty horses. The front Rapidashes will flank and run down caravans of people, tackle and pull one human directly into its gaping rib cage, and run off to make room for the following pack. These incursions last all of two minutes, leaving nothing but burning wreckages and searing hoof tracks. Few bodies, if any, are ever recovered for medical examination.”