079: Ultrasyd, Rakohus, Yoann Turpin
October 29th, 2014 - New chiptune music from around the world! From the United States we’ll hear from Mega Flare from Baltimore with a Castlevania remix and Philadelphia’s Rakohus with his brand of wonderful chiptune cover songs. Heading overseas to Europe we’ll hear French chip-musicians Ultrasyd and Yoann Turpin. Ultrasyd brings us an incredible EP of Atari dance music off the Berlin based label Bleepstreet. Yoann Turpin delivers a high quality chiptune jazz album releases via Ubiktune. Lastly we head to the far east for Japanese chiptune songs from hydden(ReChip). This Week In Chiptune is supporting by listeners like you! To get involved visit our Patreon campaign - http://patreon.com/djcutman - - TRACKLIST - - Mega Flare - Hunter Ultrasyd - Silly Venture Ultrasyd - Chipsters Rakohus - Turn Down For What Rakohus - Dark Horse Rakohus - Timber Rakohus - Power hydden(ReChip) - Primordial Forest hydden(ReChip) - Snobbish Guys Ultrasyd - Micromanagement Failure Rakohus - Tragic Prince Noisewaves - Title (Turn to Stone) Please Lose Battle - Stage B (Stage Magic) Yoann Turpin - Slikk Time Yoann Turpin - Are You in Tune Yoann Turpin - FriendChip Overture Yoann Turpin - Lightning People (Chiptune Version) SolarLune - Eevee - - MUSIC LINKS - - http://www.gamechops.com/hunter http://bleepstreet.bandcamp.com/album/chipsters-ep https://rakohus.bandcamp.com/album/another-castle http://yoannturpin.bandcamp.com/album/friendchip https://ptesquad.bandcamp.com/album/elo-the-video-game-ost https://hydden.bandcamp.com/album/famicom-sound-original-extended-play-ep https://solarlune.bandcamp.com/track/eevee