08.07.2017 [D69] Clouds for clouds
Music by Mitch Murder : https://mitchmurder.bandcamp.com/

Shortcuts I took :
Cropped a lot so it turned into a cheesy cloudlapse rather than the big, norwegian landscape I actually photographed. But, it saved me a lot of work for an everydays, cloning, yada yada. Still lacking intuition on how to turn something like this into something cool, like I have to really think about it.

Stuff I should've done :
Deflickering - kinda know how to do it in Adobe Camera Raw, but I have to research how to do it (and control it so I can smoothen stuff out like I want to) in After Effects. Prolly gonna redo the timelapse for archiving purposes when I'm back on the desktop.
Denoise - Didn't do, should've done.