08/24/17 Update
Hello guys!

Avatar is coming up for you today! Yay! In later hours it should be ready to go unless we experience some technical issues again. Everybody is working hard on releasing early access as well as youtube content. Right now we have some episodes of Defenders, Vikings, DBS and Narcos in the cooking. I am not sure on dates for these shows yet but I am hoping we will have some of these for early access eventually.

A side note: some of us have been experiencing a lot of technical problems and slowing down of our editing after we increased quality of our video and audio. We understand that we are behind on early access with some shows but we do have a plan to catch up. We are also going to use your generous donations to purchase another computer, but that probably won't be up and running until we move to le New Casa Normies. 

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and your continuing support! We value every single penny as well as all of your feedback. We wouldn't be here without you!