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082: Hello World, Inverse Phase, Rochester Chip, General Offensive
Chiptune rock music from General Offensive, Mail Order Monsters and Chip’s Challenge, the new comp from Rochester Chip, the Binding of Isaac tribute from Inverse Phase, and Hello World off Dubmood’s netlabel, Data Airlines. - - TRACKLIST - - Hello World - Java Rhino Hello World - Honey Bee Hello World - Kakapo Hello World - Giant Panda Hello World - Kakapo (Dubmood Remix) Hello World - Hawksbill Turtle (Zabutom Remix) Auxcide - Horizon Lines Mail Order Monsters - Cynthia Faking Amnesia - Summer Inverse Phase - Enmity of the D-Pad Inverse Phase - Unholy NESsault Inverse Phase - Cords Frayed General Offensive, Mrsonic 699 - Dimension General Offensive, Mrsonic 699 - Resolution General Offensive, Mrsonic 699 - We Rock These Streets Rocketchip - Zero Gravity Love Chip’s Challenge - Sudohbucks! - - DOWNLOAD LINKS - -