09-01-2015: Command and Conquer All Stars
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1) Curiously enough, anyone approaching Hawaï forgets what they're doing, and either heads back completely confused or becomes a mindless drone serving Yuri. Yuri, for his part, has constructed fancy experimental devices such as a Mastermind Dome, a Global Psychic Sensor, and even a railgun that allows his forces to be shot (yes) all the way to the moon. If recent UFO sightings are any indication, the moon is currently occupied by Yuri's forces, and one wonders how to ever get rid of this threat.

2) General Townes was once a young scientist in British Korea, having been born and raised there. He went on to develop the laser systems for the first King Oni after the Empire of the Rising Sun invaded. Eventually he ended up as one of the generals leading the assault on the USA, but by that time, crown prince Tatsu and his progressive views had fallen out of favour. With the Empire of the Rising Sun focusing on honour above innovation, faith instead of science, Townes was more and more sidelined, until he defected to the USA.

3) Now, the Japanese invasion has stalled, and indeed, Japan is slowly losing ground to the USA; propaganda efforts have little to no effect, and a hair brained attempt to establish a psychic legion like Yuri has... Well, mysterious things have been happening ever since, and Yuriko - poster child of this attempt, living on Alcatraz Island - has said that 'the brainwaves are wrong, evil, tampered with, and a great apocalypse will happen - has already happened'.

4) General Malcolm 'Ace' Granger is a war hero, responsible for not only holding back the Soviet advance from Mexico, but going on to capture large parts of Mexico as well. Of course, when the Japanese used this chaos to launch their own invasion, and proceeded to crush Granger's aircraft with their own flying mecha-monsters, Granger didn't take it too well. He has become more and more strict - authoritarian? - and views his assigned theatre of war as his own fiefdom, where he dictates the law and rules as a king. He has gone on record stating generals have a 'proconsular imperium maius' in their assigned combat zones, and he has also, allegedly, referred to his armies as 'confederate revolutionaries'. Eh, so long as he saves the good old US of A, not many are inclined to care, but who knows whether this isn't one of Yuri's plots?

5) Washington, formerly DC, decided to get its own state at last - and quite a large area decided to join Washington in this endeavour. As a full GDI state, the city of Philadelphia has rapidly become almost as important as Hammerfest when it comes to space. Even moreso because Philadelphia is a lot safer. Washington itself - the city - has also quickly become an incredibly important administrative hub of the GDI. General Alexander has taken charge of this new state, and is involved with projects such as the Star Wars missile defence, the Ion Cannon Satellite, and the Particle Cannon.

6) Former premier Alexander Romanov of the USSR is imprisoned in a cryo cell on Bermuda. Bermuda is general Alexander's main base of operations, full of experimental technology, which explains the mysterious disappearance of the occasional ship and plane. It is said that even Einstein has spent time on this island, studying, and building the prototype of a Chronosphere - but it is also said that experiments concerning black holes and 'threshold towers' are being conducted here, which sounds extremely implausible. Don't these 'threshold towers' have something to do with the Scrin, for one?

7) General Vladimir has used his impressive naval fleet to salvage what he could of the Socialist Republic of Mexico and the associated Caribbean islands. His new Communist Union of Mexico is only nominally allied with the Soviet Union, as he suspects Yuri has taken control of his beloved USSR. Vladimir feels safe enough from Yuri though; his headquarters are on Cuba, right next to an impressive array of nuclear missile silos. One day, he will invade Bermuda and break out Romanov, and then, together, they will vanquish the traitor Yuri and restore order to glorious mother Russia.

8) The Steel Talons are officially a group of terrorists that have taken matters into their own hands, fed up with the bureaucratic inactivity of the GDI. The Brotherhood of Nod uses this to call the GDI terrorists - and the world, indeed, views the GDI as rather warmongering - while the GDI uses this as a paramilitary force when things are too shady for the GDI to officially step in. After all, the GDI can just denounce the Steel Talons as terrorists; nobody can prove the GDI actually makes use of them, can they? Hispaniola has become the Steel Talons main base of operations, which has drawn them into conflict with the Soviets - that is, Vladimir's Communist Union of Mesoamerica - and further drew the Brotherhood of Nod and the Soviet Union together. However, considering Hispaniola's industrial and scientific facilities have almost put the finishing touches to a new Mammoth Mark II - a gigantic mech armed with tons of unrivalled weaponry - the Steel Talons aren't worried a bit.

9) Officially, this area is controlled by the GDI. Unofficially, it's actually the Steel Talons that have cut a huge swath in Brotherhood of Nod controlled South America - and with Nod turning southwards to help the Scrin invade Brazil, the Steel Talons may just clean the region up and invade the exposed northern border of Nod. It will be very tricky and rather reckless, but the Dead Six commando team, including Nick 'Havoc' Parker with his trusty Personal Ion Cannon, is already wreaking havoc behind enemy lines.

10) Japanese soldiers are trapped on the Galapagos Islands, honourably fighting the light GDI presence, unaware of the Scrin threat eastwards.

11) Peru is the sole human nation to exist in complete peace with the Scrin. The Brotherhood of Nod and the Scrin are working in tandem to seed the nation with tiberium, and non-mutated humans are quickly becoming the laughingstock of the 'superior' mutated humans. Some humans have developed latent psychical talents here, which has impressed the Scrin, but most of them quickly collapse into madness, babbling about 'the horrors of Antarctica' and something known as 'the Electrical Protectorate'.

12) Brother Marcion's Black Hand has largely been sent to the Brotherhood-controlled area up north, where a very different kind of Black Hand operates. Brother Marcion's Black Hand are very visible, well-armoured, and carrying an aura of invincibility and doom, as they slowly march spreading their destructive and terrifying fire far and wide. The local Black Hand, however, employ state-of-the-art laser weapons - Townes would be jealous - and fully functioning stealth suits - Kassad would be jealous. Some of them even undergo something known as Project ReGenesis; with a 93% fatality chance and a further 6% chance of becoming nothing more than a dumb brute, the remaining 1% become killing machines unlike anyone else. Perfected mutants. Together, these two forces play an absolutely vital part in the Scrin war effort in Brazil. They also play a vital part in destroying the climate, what with burning down the Amazon en masse - then again, nuclear weapons, a liquid tiberium bomb, and who knows what else, aren't exactly good for the climate either.

13) FutureTech is extremely interested in any Scrin corpses that get shipped to one of their laboratories here. Inside sources say a taskforce known as XCOM (or possible X-Men, or even X-Files?) is being assembled to analyse the alien technology, and more importantly, counter the alien threat.

14) Brother Marcion and his army of highly trained infantry have sparked the fires of revolution in Rio de Janeiro. Literally; the city has been burned to the ground. He's doing a very good job of attracting more and more people to Nod's cause, while simultaneously preventing the Brazilian army from fully focusing on the Scrin.

15) The Latin Confederacy was drawn up within a week after the Scrin arriving; originally consisting of thirteen Soviet-aligned countries in South America, four have already fallen to the Scrin, with two currently being invaded. Hostilities against the Allies ceased at once, but whereas Brazil and the Latin Confederacy already have actively coordinated in fighting the Scrin, it took a lot of pressure to simply get Argentina to not invade this newly formed Latin Confederacy.

16) It helped, of course, that Yuri has seized the Falcon Islands and is apparently constructing... Well, nobody is really sure, but experts say it's a wormhole generator, but not quite. Others say it's a space elevator based on psychic powers, or perhaps a massive mind control device - nobody really knows.

17) Portugal, Spain, France, and Brazil made use of the Axis' superior technology - prism weaponry, mirage camouflage, chrono teleportation... - to invade Antarctica and deal with Yuri once and for all. They were supported by the GDI and FutureTech, and believe they have fully wiped out Yuri's presence on Antarctica. With Antarctica safe, both the GDI and FutureTech have established their own bases, independent from the Western Alliance. GDI has the occasional border patrol but has mostly left the area, the Western Alliance is way too busy to put anything but the most die-hard scientists in Antarctica, and FutureTech is having fun claiming bits and pieces here and recovering any of Yuri's technology they may find. What none of them know is that Yuri very much lives on. And what none of them further don't know, is that Yuri has kicked off an experiment so terrible that he may well be forced to travel back in time, should he desire an Earth to rule over.

18) This may best be described as a black void, expanding with every passing moment, stretching on to infinity, and soon, eternity. Interestingly enough, the Scrin, averse to Earth's cold temperature, are racing into Antarctica to stop this threat, which should massively worry humanity - if only they knew what nightmares they have created.

19) The UK is part of the GDI because a lot of its dominions and colonies are as well - and, more importantly, because the UK is really interested in all the juicy Steel Talon technology. Geass Mechs look amazing, not to mention the Mammoth Mark III, which is being developed in Hammerfest. Of course, GDI merely 'recovers' and 'scavenges' this Steel Talon technology.

20) Hammerfest is perhaps the most important scientific and military facility of the GDI, as it contains the largest network of Ion Cannon Satellite Uplinks and has, in coordination with ZOCOM, developed Firestorm Walls. However, while most of Scandinavia joined the GDI, a small group of actual Nazis - even the Axis condemns them - remains valiantly fighting the good fight in the Arctic wastelands. They could be a threat to Hammerfest - and they could also be mind controlled by Yuri...

21) Western Europe is still very much shaped by the 1940's; the Western Alliance masterminded by Mussolini versus the Axis Compact lead by Greater Germany. Only, they now find themselves in the uncomfortable situation of working together against the red menace from the east. Of course, being the bulwark against communism, the main industrial and technological power, and the one to have first devised a solution to the red's unstoppable horde of tanks - Tank Destroyer reporting; note the tank I can't break! - the Axis gets almost all of the spoils of war. Insofar that these exist, that is.

22) FutureTech has de facto taken control of the Benelux. Testing their martial prowess and cutting-edge technology against Italy, not-so-covertly backed by France - or was that manipulating De Gaulle's France into staging a fight? - proved to be a bit too much however. None the less, FutureTech is but a corporation, whereas France is a country, so France took the fall and nobody was ever the wiser. This did, however, put FutureTech into the Axis' good books, and the Axis was willing to overlook the 'investments' in Denmark and the curious military adventure Switzerland undertook involving 'robot tanks' when the Syndicate arose.

23) The Mediterranean Syndicate is a curious... Confederacy? Federacy? Alliance? Nation? Something. They're courted by - and sympathetic to, apparently - the Soviets, but they probably also support the Brotherhood of Nod. They're lead by a clique of hyper-capitalists - or perhaps a shadow government? - yet they proclaim themselves to be anarchist, and do show support for anarchism. None the less, their nation has a corporatist power structure with positively Byzantine politicking. Then there's the fact that they happily trade with western Europe, but their border with Switzerland and Italy is one of the heaviest guarded borders ever, and their hate of Italy runs deep - indeed, they seem to be obsessed with Rome. Oh, and did we mention that they just might be mind controlled by Yuri or the Scrin? Nobody knows, truth to be told. The only thing that is known as fact is that the Syndicate originates from Venice.

24) The rump Kingdom of Greece would fall within the day to the Iron Power that is Stalin's Legacy - how terrible an idea it was to court the Axis - except that Yuri's reach has recently extended itself to Transylvania and beyond. Well, 'recently', who knows how long he has held the area under his control? As for Greece, at least general Nikolas Stavros has managed to almost reconquer Constantinople, almost fulfilling something of a national dream. Most of the Greek populace fled to the Axis, however, where thanks to them, marvels of science such as the Athena Cannon have been invented.

25) Stalin invaded the Balkans as the first step in a plan to conquer all of Europe, but the Axis retaliated, and Stalin's benefactors in Russia either changed their mind or died - very mysterious, that. Stalin and a select few generals were, all of sudden, all that was left of the Soviet's mighty war machine; the vast majority returned home, having never seen battle. Stalin suspects his former protégé, a man known only as Yuri.

26) Turkey allied itself with the Soviets after Stalin's invasion of the Balkans, fearful of being invaded itself, and has stayed ever since out of fear of the GLA. Tsargrad - formerly Istanbul - now hosts some of the world's greatest monuments to communism, but the Soviets know Turkey feels itself to be a lot closer to the Axis in specific, and the Allies in general. Rumour has it that Tsargrad even contains a nuclear missile silo, jointly staffed by the Axis and the USA.

27) The USA has long supported the Republic of Morocco, which doesn't exist (yet?), but Morocco - a de jure independent kingdom, but de facto a kingdom doing whatever Spain does - still suffers from republican insurgency. Decades of artificially creating republican sentiment and training - indoctrinating? - those who want to fight for it by the USA does that. And while the USA has stopped actively supporting them, there are a lot of passive or extra governmental ways to support them. Perhaps, with the growing cooperation and warming of relations between the Allies, the USA should stop this practice. Especially with the Scrin having overrun Morocco's neighbouring nations...

28) Libya valiantly holds out against the tide of GLA, retaliating in kind with suicide bombers - be they bomb vests, auto bombs, or trucks carrying nuclear explosives - but guerilla uprisings supported by Kassad are becoming worse and worse. One wonders whether Libya's government isn't secretly a GLA puppet already. Then again, recent Scrin landings and subsequent invasions have seen Kassad suffer more than any other power in the region.

29) The Western Alliance may have lost control of most of Africa, amidst communist and Islamic insurgents and revolutionaries (not to mention aliens, mind control, or a bald genius-madman), but the Syndicate firmly controls the ports here, and through it, the hinterland. Both the Allies and the Soviets profit a lot from having access to these ports - but so, too, do the Brotherhood of Nod and even the GLA; smuggling technology and weapons inside has never been this easy.

30) Cairo and large parts of the Nile delta are controlled by the Brotherhood of Nod, using guerilla tactics and stealth technology - not to mention the Nile delta and the land itself; excellent hiding places - to survive against the growing GLA presence. They even provide supply routes for the Allies and / or Soviets, at times, provided they are paid well. The latest news is that the Brotherhood of Nod has somehow managed to construct an operational nuclear missile silo - including nuclear missiles. But a man known only as Prince Kassad excels at the very tactics Nod prides itself upon; stealth and guerillas. Presumably either a general or a high-ranked mercenary leader, with the growing support of the GLA's cause, Nod's presence in Egypt may not be long for the world - unless the Scrin decides to help them out...

31) Prince Kassad has established a feudal monarchy - why he doesn't crown himself King Kassad is anyone's guess - and is a growing threat to the GLA under General Mohmar ('Deathstrike'). For now, both Prince Kassad and General Mohmar are allied under the banner of the global freedom and Islam, but they have certainly been making moves against each other.

32) Ethiopia, for example, has survived only by falling under Mohmar's aegis, as Prince Kassad continues to fund and create a massive amount of uprisings, slowly thawing more and more territory away from the Kingdom of Ethiopia. Or, as Mohmar decreed, the Islamic Kingdom of Ethiopia (even though it's largely Christian Orthodox). None the less, Prince Kassad's latest wave of assassins, guerillas, terrorists, and even multiple dirty nuclear bombs, saw the Ethiopian heartland fall asunder. Even Mohmar is upset, and has already stated he considers this new political reality to be 'a deceitful farce of devastating terrorism and wanton murder incited by immoral provocateurs with no heart for the oppressed people's will'.

33) Cyprus was once fully British, until communist uprisings saw Turkey seize it. A protracted but local struggle between a populace split halfway between the Allies and the Soviets followed, but only recently, this conflict has garnered international notice, what with Islamic warriors trying to hamper the Allied-Soviet supply chain by attacking Cyprus. The Syndicate has moved into the increasingly war torn island to guarantee the supply of goods, in (what appears to be) full cooperation with the Allies and Soviets, and a Council of Three consisting of these three powers now rules the island. That the three of them more or less ignore the local populace - unless they conveniently align with the three's own goals - is just too bad.

34) Originally, the Middle-East was a battleground of ideologies between the Allies and the Soviets. The two, however, have began to cooperate more and more - regarding the Middle-East, at least - as more and more areas have fallen under the sway of the GLA. This explains how both Allied and Soviet resources pass through Cyprus and Turkey to reach the Popular Syrian-Turkish Soviet Republic, the Republic of Greater Lebanon, and the Kingdom of Jordan. The daring Syrians who manage to smuggle supplies all the way to the People's Soviet of Iraq are heroes to both the Soviet people and a growing component of Allied people, fearful of increasing Islamic radicalism and terrorism.

35) The Levant is a quagmire of uprisings and revolutions, a constant struggle between Mohmar, Kassad, the Allies, and the Soviets. Syria broke away from French control and aligned itself with the Soviets, but over three quarters of the country eventually supported the GLA, leading to one of the bloodiest civil wars ever; the GLA had just come into existence, and needed to prove its prowess, its courage, and its determination. Hence, excessive violence. Really, the rump Syrian state, where over half of the populace comes from former Turkey or the Caucasus (and slightly south of that), has done remarkably well. How long this Popular Syrian-Turkish Soviet Republic will survive is an entirely different matter, however...

36) Lebanon and Israel became the closest of allies in the face of the GLA threat, even having a shared military structure, and eventually Lebanon ended up fully absorbing the dying Jewish nation. Now they bitterly fight on, as Islamic sympathies and defeatist sentiments continue to rise. An ancient Jewish order, known as the Order of the Talon, has surfaced to combat the GLA threat, but even they can't offer a lot of hope to the dying people. The only positive thing is that Kassad's insurrections are being seen as more and more of a threat by Mohmar.

37) The king of Jordan is much like a general or warrior-king of old, directly participating in battles, leading his armies to victory. And, surprisingly, any battle the king is involved in, has been won by Jordan. This, however, hasn't prevented the slow but steady and inevitable collapse of the Kingdom of Jordan, what with Kassad pawing away village by village.

38) Iran originally aligned itself with the Allies; the British, but heavily courting the USA's favour as well. Alas, Soviet-supported partisans from the north (originating from both inside and outside of the country) saw Iran experience a small civil war. Small, but enough to provide an opening for Islamists to establish a theocracy headed by the newly formed office of Shahanshah; King of Kings. This Islamic Kingdom of Iran is officially independent from the GLA, but one has to consider that the Shahanshah is a personal friend of General Mohmar, and as such, follows the latter's commands like a good friend is wont to.

39) The north of Iran managed to hold out for a long while, thanks to extensive Soviet help, but another personal friend of General Mohmar - Rodall Juhziz; the leader of the largest terrorist network of the Middle-East and Central Asia - managed to bring the surviving Republic of Iran to its knees in short order, at the cost of thousands of lives and many millions of infrastructural damage. Terrorism works, especially when a single terrorist can almost wipe out a whole street block; that's the power of Juhziz's explosions for you. Juhziz, with the help of Mohmar's more conventional armies, established his own personal fiefdom in north Iran, and is now overseeing the training of many more terrorists to bring freedom to the Democratic Republic of Free Islam, as well as death and destruction to the Soviet Union. Curiously enough, the Islamic Kingdom of Iran still lays claim to Juhziz's fiefdom, and even uses this to rile up the populace in nationalistic fervour.

40) Awakened Nod cyborgs - the Marked of Kane - have captured an old Soviet Battle Lab here, once used to put the finishing touches to the Apocalypse Tank. Apparently, this Battle Lab had since then been taken over by Yuri's forces, attempting to influence or infiltrate the GLA. With the threat now gone, and the Marked of Kane protecting the region against the GLA (pending further orders by Kane), the Soviets tolerate Nod's presence and a secret non-aggression pact now exists between the Soviets and the Brotherhood of Nod.

41) The Aral Sea dried up after a certain Dr. Thrax offered his services to the newborn Democratic Republic of Free Islam. Well, 'dried up'... If you ever want to study any kind of toxic, acidic, or other poisonous substance, the 'Aral Deathlands' are your best bet.

42) The Democratic Republic of Free Islam was set up by Central Asian people rebelling against Soviet oppression. Their hatred against all things Soviet led them to creating a nation extolling exactly the opposite of Soviet values; democracy, capitalism, and religion. Of course, this Democratic Republic of Free Islam fell under the GLA's aegis, and is now thinking about a name change to Totalitarian Theocracy of Eternal Holy War.

43) Aldastan was actually a naturally formed nation, by the merger of the governments of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. They felt the Soviet Union was too discriminating against religion, so they called in the GLA - and what a resounding success that was! Now, Aldastan can shove thousands of terrorists against Russia's northern borders and China's eastern borders, all in the name of freedom of religion! Naturally, 'religion' here means 'GLA-approved Islam'. So far, they have managed to destroy a nuclear power plant and used a nuclear bomb truck - probably stolen from said power plant - to lay waste to a military parade. Up next; blow up the Three Gorges Dam.

44) With general Shin Fai's infantry being busy fighting off the Japanese threat in the east and supporting the Korean uprising, and with general Ta Hun Kwai's tanks being busy cutting through the treacherous jungle down south by brute force, the impatient Tibetan general Tsing Shi Tao decided to take matters into his own hands. Fed up with seeing the GLA thaw away more and more Chinese lands, he brought his full nuclear arsenal to the fore and established the Atomic Kingdom of China. He wasted no time ruthlessly putting down any possible threat to China, and should innocents die because of his nuclear weaponry, well, innocents have no place in a warzone, and the blame lies fully at the GLA's feet.

45) Mongolia has played a perfect diplomatic game, balancing the Soviet Union against the People's Republic of China. Admittedly, tensions were extremely high when the Soviet Union invaded Xinjiang to show the Chinese that they couldn't start cozening up to the Allies (of course, the PRC simply joined the GDI at that point, and the USSR is contemplating whether to follow suit just because they can), but, cooler heads prevailed. This to the disappointment of general Tsing Shi Tao; officially he and the Tigress general Leang are the two most powerful military persons of the country, but Tsing Shi Tao's warmongering attitude has seen him unofficially being eclipsed by Leang.

46) Of course, it helps that Mongolia has her own distinct arms industry; the Khan Mercenaries and Raiding Buggies are but the weakest of the military arsenal the Great Khan can bring to the table. Not enough to successfully survive against giants such as the USSR or the PRC, to be sure, but certainly enough to make his forefathers proud, and to make victory over the Khaganate Pyrrhic at best. With the Japanese invading, the USSR and the PRC have become close allies once more - for now.

47) The Marked of Kane were put to sleep in secret bunkers, hidden in this region. Now awakened, they have somewhat helped protect the Soviet Union against the Empire of the Rising Sun, and would also protect the Soviet Union's northern borders against Yuri's polar forces - or something far worse...

48) The British crown colony of Korea has long since been conquered by the Empire of the Rising Sun, but valiant freedom fighters lead by the heroic Kim Jong-Il struggle on every day in the northern half of Korea. Supported by China and plenty of Black Eagle squadrons - Korean fighter-bombers, better than any flying mechanical monstrosity the Japanese can whip up - they are a surprisingly tough nut to crack.

49) General Ta Hun Kwai has been busy here, burning down jungles, guerillas, and villages alike by the hundreds. He sure loves his Dragon Tanks, and much like general Tsing Shi Tao, he would say that desperate times require desperate measures. Cutting through the Japanese occupation all the way to the coast using black napalm to clear a way will inevitably see innocents dying, whether directly at his hands or indirectly because of destroyed farms and infrastructure. But, Ta Hun Kwai is seen as a hero by the people, so there's that. Of course, the cut off Japanese forces to the west only fight harder and harder as a result, but they cannot hope to stand against a pincer move executed by both Ta Hun Kwai and Tsing Shi Tao.

50) Nepal remains a British colony, but the government has come under increasing pressure to adopt communism. All democratically, and peaceful enough, but both the USSR and the PRC are becoming very interested in securing Nepal for their own. Tsing Shi Tao may just seize the nation, after he's done dealing with the GLA in the west. A pincer movement against the Japanese? Eh, Ta Hun Kwai can handle that on his own; he's a famous war hero and all, isn't he? Well, he should prove his mettle then.

51) India has always been a fertile breeding ground for the Brotherhood of Nod, despite - or maybe, because of - India's close alliance with the Soviet Union. With perpetually lowering living standards, more and more people openly reject communism - something China disapproves of as well, mind you - and it is fair to say that the Brotherhood of India is a nation that now also exists de jure. The south remains in British hands, and would really like to join the GDI, but doesn't dare to antagonise the Brotherhood. Tsing Shi Tao has taken measures in advance - blatant land grabbing - to prevent India becoming a threat to him.

52) With India so weak, so poor, and so divided, it isn't strange to see Mohmar courting the Islamic populace. So far, there are no suicide bombers or local uprisings; Kassad would have managed, but Mohmar lacks his particular skills and prefers the frontal assault, so he has established quite a large beachhead already. Again, this has strengthened Brotherhood-Soviet ties; the Soviet Union is perhaps the most threatened by the GLA, and the Brotherhood of Nod has lost the most in India thanks to Mohmar's offensive. Now, if the local leaders could overlook the fact that they used to be one, united India - and of course, the other side split the country apart and is completely to blame - maybe they could cooperate and drive off the GLA.

53) Thailand is finding the Empire of the Rising Sun to be pretty great. Sure, they've lost some land, but as the first (and only) ally of the Japanese, they aren't oppressively exploited to the point of mass starvation, nor are huge swathes of their population deported for 'cleansing' or 'purification'. Besides, they get to lord their 'importance' over the surrounding, heavily suffering populace.

54) The Japanese invasion here has stalled; for one, Japan is invading a prosperous and quite mighty member of the GDI, and for two, FutureTech unofficially owns all kinds of islands here, on which shady experiments are done - for example, an inhibitor that prevents most of the Japanese war machine from working. While the GDI and FutureTech are openly cooperating here - GDI has promised FutureTech to overlook technicalities such as the GenevA Convention - they are very lucky that the Scrin is busy heading southwards, into Antarctica. If the Scrin wasn't, the GDI and FutureTech would probably be fighting a two-front war which they'd be bound to lose.

55) The first of Nod's Forsaken have arrived here. So, about that two-front war mentioned earlier... Although for now, the Forsaken aren't a particularly large threat. More a nuisance than anything. Until they start spreading tiberium and mutate perfectly good soldiers into mindless killing machines...

56) These islands have always stayed French, and they harbour the largest aircraft carrier taskforce in existence. ZOCOM, which was allowed to use New Caledonia for the Australian war effort, has outfitted these aircraft carriers with EMP missiles, as a sign of gratitude. The carrier group will either be deployed to retake Australia - but it's a huge tiberian wasteland inhabited by mutants - or to combat the Japanese - but surely aliens are scarier than humans?

57) Australia suffered greatly as Nod detonated a liquid tiberium bomb right in the middle of it. Whether fanatic Killian Qatar was this dedicated to Nod's cause, or whether she was conveniently executed in the process, nobody can say for sure. What can be said for sure is that the Forsaken Nod now roam the interior of Australia, and have even found their way towards other continents. Zombie-mutants with guns, mutated human beings with guns, and super powered humans with guns; a nice caste system combined with might makes right has created a very interesting society of mutants. What's worse, this liquid tiberium bomb attracted the Scrin; aliens who have promptly occupied most of Australia and elsewhere. What remains of human Australia is controlled by the GDI, and in specific, ZOCOM. They'll reclaim the tiberium, mutant, and alien infested island-continent at all costs, and they have been making a lot of progress.

58) GDI's Space Command Uplink is located here, and allows so-called Zone Troopers to be dropped anywhere on Earth by using dropships. GDI is wondering whether they can use this to drive Yuri off the moon, but fears the moon is too fortified for this to have any success.

59) South Africa and Australia are the main sponsors of ZOCOM, an organisation intent on cleansing the Earth of tiberium - and anything related to it; Forsaken, Nod, Scrin... They're a tad extremist, and have been known to burn down innocent villages because of mutant sightings or alleged tiberium spore growth, but that's forgiven - by most...

60) Besides, they have utterly obliterated the white supremacist secessionist state of formerly British South Africa. Because racism is just that horrible; black people were given tiberium-based drugs and had to fight against each other to entertain their white masters! We simply had to crush this nation, given the widespread tiberium drug trade - I mean racism, of course, the racism is worse than the mostly harmful drugs that merely increased one's muscle power.

61) FutureTech is having a giggle with all the sonic weaponry it manufactures here. And, of course, to manufacture them, they have to experiment with tiberium. Including mutants. And, is there any harm in mutating a terminally ill human? Not really, so long as we keep it secret. And while we're keeping it a secret, would anyone really miss a random bunch of half starved scavengers? Gosh, this tiberium stuff is fascinating! Tomorrow's technology today, as doctor Mobius once said - he's having a blast here on Madagascar as well, and has recently invented a Volt Auto Rifle for FutureTech, ZOCOM, GDI... Whoever gets their hands on it.

62) This formerly tiberium-infested hellscape has already been reclaimed and cleansed by ZOCOM. The total human population is slowly but surely climbing past the ten thousand or so (may be a few thousands or tens of thousands more - as if anyone's going to count). Officials will have you know that the populace dwindled to such tiny numbers because of 1) tiberium 2) the Scrin 3) the Brotherhood of Nod.

63) The Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle is spearheading ZOCOM's war effort here. Fighting back the combined Scrin-Nod army is hard, but the GDI - or, ZOCOM - may just succeed. That would possibly bring the East African Community into the GDI's sphere as well, which, depending on how far the 'changing of societal structure' has progressed, may not be desirable. High-up officials are discussing whether they should withdraw and let the population suffer.

64) The East African Community has preformed beyond all expectations, and has actually survived so far! They don't know yet if they're sticking with the Soviets - they do make bad allies, what with being half a world away - or if they'll switch to the Brotherhood of Nod - but that would mean being taken over by the Scrin, and looking westwards, that's certainly not a place any sane human would want to live. The GLA seems to be the most attractive ally - and really, doesn't that say enough about the state of Africa - but the East African Community has a hard time changing its societal structure to something more in line with the GLA's morals and values... Heh, funny, that... Oh well, more beheadings it is, where's the next batch of totally-not-made-up infidels?

65) It's interesting to see how most of Nod's old power base has been reduced to Scrin territory. Sure, Nod's allowed to stay in peace and all, but they're not in charge anymore; all their tiberium related infrastructure has been converted into facilities to, for example, support the tiberium chargers for Devastator Tanks, or install tiberium shard launchers on a multitude of units such as Seeker Tanks. Further, the whole place is constantly covered by deadly ion storms, greatly boosting the efficiency of the Scrin's aircraft and defensive structures, but killing humans by the dozens. Both the Soviets - originally de jure in charge - and the Brotherhood of Nod - originally de facto in charge - still claim most of central Africa as theirs.

66) As the GLA arose out of the ashes of imperialism, so too did Boko Haram, becoming an immensely popular organisation promising better living standards, prosperity, and peace through the power of holy Islam. Presumably, the Brotherhood of Nod was very much involved with this organisation, but they grew too fast to be properly controlled. Confused as to what they should do - join the GLA, join the Brotherhood of Nod, or go on alone? - the leadership quickly killed each other off, until only one man was left to lead Boko Haram; Kurtz, with dreams of establishing an African Empire, Lion Tanks and War Elephants trampling over all foes. But it wasn't to be; Yuri quickly moved in and took control of Kurtz. Now, the so-called African Empire indeed produces Lion Tanks and War Elephants, but also Lasher Tanks and other war machines commonly used by Yuri's forces. Construction has also started on a space elevator.

67) Stuck between a mind controlled extremist movement hungry for blood, an alien horde bent on annihilating the planet's ecosystem - including humans, because why not - and one of the oldest seats of Nod power, shiny Obelisk of Lights and all, life in the tiny remnant of French Mali sure is pleasant. That might have been sarcasm.

68) The West African Brotherhood's most notable feature is its police force; Chemical Warriors equipped with full body hazmat suits and 'Venom' Chemical Sprayers. Its second most notable feature are its 'wildlife' and its 'zoos', a direct result of the most notable feature. After all, these chemical sprayers do tend to spread harmful gasses and clouds of chemicals into the air, if they don't outright hit multiple people - eh, collateral damage, but at least we caught a petty thief. And the fun thing is, all these chemicals are highly effective at mutating people into Visceroids; slimy, mindless blobs.

69) Yes, Liberia, although reduced in size by surrounding nations, still exists as a loyal ally of the USA. Well, 'loyal'... It has pretty much joined up with the Brotherhood of Nod to protect itself from worse. It may be a bit unfortunate that any 'undesirables' - Visceroids - from the West African Brotherhood are deported into Liberia, but oh well, so be it. And hey, Liberia can proudly state it has the fastest growing wildlife and zoos ever! 'Sides, tiberium is only bad if you aren't a mutant.

A few random notes:

The Confederate Revolutionaries, the Mediterranean Syndicate, the Electrical Protectorate, the Order of the Talon, and the Atomic Kingdom of China are references to Red Alert 3 Paradox; a cancelled mod. Mostly because I had drawn the Syndicate on the map without thinking about it - often, the story develops itself; I can never predict how my maps will turn out, and general Townes would be a prime example of this.

Malcolm 'Ace' Granger is being mind controlled, but occasionally breaks free-ish.

I imagine that the Syndicate has a complex vision of transhumanism (the Brotherhood of Nod), perfect equality (the Soviet Union), and a completely digital society / the ability to play god in one's own virtual world (Yuri; he could give you the illusion of having those powers - so what if it's only an illusion in your mind, virtual reality isn't 'real' either, and yet it is), but is forced to operate within society's boundaries. They chose anarchism, but that failed and resulted in a hyper-capitalist and corporatist power structure. The Tacitus probably resides in Rome, and the Syndicate is very much interested in this artefact. So, too, is Kane, but the power structure in Europe is extremely delicate. Neither Yuri nor the Scrin know of the Tacitus.

The Electrical Protectorate is... Well, who knows! I don't, for one, but they're after the Tacitus. The Tacitus is some kind of massive energy thingy that basically bestows godhood upon someone. Not exactly, of course, but hey, 'any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic'. So are the Electrical Protectorate actually good guys? Well, not exactly, as using the Tacitus would mean one's 'personal reality' and the surrounding area completely collapses. So, the Earth (and the moon) and everything on it would be turned into pure energy - that means death for all humanity - while only the user of the Tacitus would 'survive', and have the role of recreating the whole universe; for this human, all of reality would have ended (hence, 'personal reality'). Confusing? Probably. Relevant? Not really. But, the Electrical Protectorate actually exists as beings of pure energy, forced by 'reality' to inhabit mechanical vessels. Using the Tacitus would set them free, as some kind of pantheon free to create a universe suitable for them.

Yuri thought he could control them; brain waves, electricity, neurons... Yuri himself isn't fully aware of how his powers work. Needless to say, he thought wrong, but he can't do anything to stop his 'experiment'. He does know of a time machine, however, which may be his only way out, but he's hesitant to abandon all of his work to start anew, so he's waiting to see if the Scrin can stop the Electrical Protectorate. Yuri has been in contact with the Scrin - Traveller-59's Cultists and Prodigies have (artificially developed) mind control powers, allowing Yuri to communicate with them - and they have 'come to an understanding'. For now.

Yuri has also been in contact with Kane from time to time, ever since Kane left Stalin's service (and Yuri promptly moved Stalin out of the way by manipulating him into invading Europe; Yuri's mind control abilities aren't all-powerful, as evidenced by Malcolm 'Ace' Granger, for example). Yuri initially believed he and Kane shared the same goals, but that isn't really true; Yuri seeks to completely rule Earth, while Kane seeks godhood, achievable with the Tacitus - only, the Tacitus is merely the key to godhood, and humanity isn't advanced enough to develop the proverbial door. Thus, killing two birds with one stone, much like in Command & Conquer Tiberium Wars 3, a liquid tiberium bomb gets detonated, attracting part of a Scrin harvesting fleet stationed on Pluto.

Tiberium, however, is far less widespread than in the games; tiberium spores do well in wet and damp climates, while tiberium crystals do well in dryer and colder climates, but it's not really a threat. Besides, the Scrin have an aversion - if not weakness - to the colder climate on Earth, preferring deserts or jungles. Originally, Kane planned to detonate his liquid tiberium bomb somewhere in the Amazon, being perfect for both tiberium and the Scrin, but circumstances made it too much effort. Kane is banking on the fact that the Scrin will be defeated or simply give up - likely, especially as tiberium is less widespread, 

However, for now, Kane and the Scrin are allied, as the Scrin haven't yet manufactured their 'threshold towers'; the proverbial door for the Tacitus. Kane is playing the world very well indeed; the Soviet Union has a non-aggression pact with him, GDI is mildly distrusted by even the Allies, the Scrin and the Brotherhood are actually allied (for now), the Syndicate shares Kane's goal but doesn't realise exactly what the Tacitus will do, and Yuri is a bit lost, seeing his carefully constructed plans fall apart bit by tiny bit, currently playing a cautious waiting game to see what will happen. Only the Electrical Protectorate could be a problem, if the Scrin doesn't act fast enough - but if the Electrical Protectorate is a genuine threat to the Scrin, the Scrin will be even more inclined to rapidly construct threshold towers so that they can escape Earth. The Order of the Talon's original mission was to assassinate any and all persons knowing about the Tacitus, to prevent it from ever being used, but throughout the centuries (the Order originates from the ancient Hebrews / Jews), they themselves have lost knowledge about the Tacitus, ironically enough.