A few days ago, I reached the magic number of subscribers (1,000) on my YouTube channel, Music Potpourri.

What I did not mention then, was that I was within 2,000 views of passing the million mark. 

Then, suddenly, my views have jumped almost 3,000 since just 3 days ago!

I started the channel in 2009, my initial goal was to have a repository for songs that I love, but that were not on any other YouTube channel.  In 2009-2010 I published most of those tracks. In 2011, I began posting my own music and now that's really all I publish on the channel. 

About 10 of the original postings have become frequently visited (and commented on). Some of the tunes I initially published have been blocked by the artist, as is their right, but that means that I don't have the two Bob Dylan rarities on my channel any more because of this short-sighted policy.

The following are the most viewed/listened to tracks on my YouTube channel:

-The Cavaliers - Oh Where Can My Baby Be  -- I got the title wrong on this one. It is really called Last Kiss.  But, having the most memorable line from the song has driven views and comments to almost 730,000 views. The viewers have helped me learn more about this song, over the years. It was written and first recorded in the late 50s, but this version is the 3rd or 4th attempt to cover the tune. The vocal on the track is the 62nd try at a vocal and the group, The Cavaliers, broke up soon after this was released.

-Gil Scott-Heron - Angola, Louisiana -- This artist was absolutely revolutionary when he first came on the scene in the early 70s. He created so many amazing tracks. He was the father of real talk. Perhaps even the father of rap (along with The Last Poets). This song is about the notorious penitentiary and had almost 50,000 views, some of them due to the recent headlines as Angola finally and reluctantly released several falsely imprisoned black men who had been languishing there for up to 40 years.

-Luba Organasova - La Rondine (The Swallow) -- This version was played over the final title sequence of the last episode of the 4th season of The Sopranos, which is where I heard it first. I was taken by it immediately, living in Manhattan at the time. I translated the verse from the Italian. I have listened to several other versions (including Reneé Fleming's), but none of them can match Organasova's delicacy. Her expressive rendering is truly magnificent. It stands right now at over 25,000 views.

-Armik Dashchi - Isla Del Sol -- I don't know where I first heard this track by the exquisite guitarist, but I was taken by it immediately. It has accumulated 28,000 views since I first posted it in 2011.

-Andy Bey - River Man -- This jazz vocalist has done a truly original cover version of the song. I get frequent comments on this posting, which stands at 22,000 views.

-Das Rascist - Return to Innocence -- European mashup dj's Das Rascist are popular. This track has over 33,000 views. I don't know where I heard it, but it caught my ear!

-Clarence Ashley - Omie Wise -- I took this track off a set of cd's on early 20th century folk music that I borrowed from the library. So many of that very American form of music (which strongly rivaled blues & jazz forms) were about disasters, jealousy, and mayhem, things that were real to people back then and are real to us today. It has gotten 18,000 views.

Well those are the most visited! 

I know that when I reached 1,000 subscribers, I get some extra privileges from YouTube, but I don't think the views are treated the same. Still, one million views is cool!