1/11/18-Editorial Edits
So today has been an interesting day so far. In math we talked all class about polynomials and trinomials. Although i am totally positive that everybody wants a story about polynomials today is going to be about TAG literacy. Yep, it’s out now. I am smart. Goooood for me. It dosent matter whether i’m smart or not. What matters is that i’m writing. Anyone can do it and I can type too. It doesn’t really matter. Annnnnyway, back to what I was doing. 

     So, today during literacy my teacher began to rant about how are school based system is faulty and needs to be updated. This is a bit weird because I think the system is fine. But, to my teacher it is slow and does things in a roundabout way. That is true the system we use I called ALEC and it is a pain to try to contact teachers from the website. That is why email still exists in my opinion. That’s about it. Wow! That was very short and kinda boring. Know that I am thinking about how short and sad this is I ave realized that I need to do a podcast. So, one is coming out today sometime soon. 15-20 minuets of pure fun, right? Yep. No script, no topic just pure rambling about crud and stuff. This is the quality in a podcast that you are looking for.