1/14 (Saturday), #LiveYourValues
Good morning! Happy Saturday!

Today is January 14, and this is Daily Bites: Choose how you spend your life.

Ok, so unless you’re a patron or have the ebook or paperback, today’s reflection might come as a bit of a surprise:

We’re doing our #MealsfortheWeek reflection for Week 3 today rather than on Sunday. (This is because, for simplicity, regardless of number of days in a month, the 15th is always our halfway-through-the-month reflection, and the day the $1 and up patrons get the monthly bundle.)

So, enough of the Daily Bites scheduling! Let’s get to scheduling our delicious #MealsfortheWeek, and, afterwards, consider:

How does your plan reflect your values? (It might reflect that you are working to get to a place where you can live your values, so acknowledge that as well.)

As always, feel free to send me a text message at 510-520-6319 or facebook.com/bebudgetexplorers 

I’ll see you in the comments and/or messages! [Please suggest new categories, if the one you want is not there... And feel free to add a new recipe to the comments of any of the older #MealsfortheWeek posts at any time, or let someone know that you tried their recipe :) ...]

Have a great day, and be sure to check out and share recipes on the previous week’s recipe topics.



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