1/19 (Thursday), #LiveYourValues
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Our topic this week is #ValueEachOther, and today is Thursday, January 19.

Our Thursday reflection is to track the transactions of the past week, either by writing them out by category on a budget sheet or by reviewing the accuracy of transactions imported into an app or website like Mint.

Since we do this each week, we’re able to get a picture of how our month is going. If you’re new, feel free to do the entire month -- or just this last week and don’t worry about it: if you stick around, you’ll end up with a month of accurate data without too much work each week.

We typically consider, looking at our current budget, “how does our budget look now, and how will it look at the end of the month?”

And today, our topic-related extension  is:

How can you work to safeguard loved ones? How can you utilize your budget as a tool to that end?

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