1 / 23 Super! Game Development Update

Okay, so it's snowy and floody and all sorts of horrible outside, and to help myself from going stir-crazy, I started tinkering with the Streak game. And the updates are pretty significant. Tighter controls on the jumps (which i'm REALLY excited about) , completely new superspeed system (it will be like a power up / boost instead of continually recharging), and a revamped reversion from Superspeed - so that you don't go from superspeed right into a car.

I'm also silly in the video, because making tight jump controls is friggin' exciting to me! 

As always, more fun to come... right now the REAL focus is on Super! issue 6... which is something that our Patrons are singlehandedly seeing to completion. (Massive props, SUPER! fans. You're the best!

Also, not sure how I'm going to specifically reward Patrons with the Super! game but... I'm not above it. Maybe I'll have some sort of secret in the game and tell you guys where it is (like the Warp Zone in Super Mario Bros 1?), or... IDK. We'll think of something! :)


   -- Piatt 

Double also - I love how every time i die in the video, I blame it on a glitch or something. I'd NEVER die of my own devices in a game!