1/3 of the way there! THANK YOU!
Thank you everyone so so so much. I didn’t expect such a positive and supportive response. It’s really humbling to ask for help- many people assume that if your in Vogue and on the cover of a bunch of magazines this month then you must be doing quite well. But that’s almost always a farce in the industry Especially for individuals who represent marginalized communities. 

This year we are on track to do some INCREDIBLE activism and social experiments. I’m SO excited to share with you what we are taking on and creating. It’s going to be a lot of fun and hopefully it will change not just minds but laws! And it’s all becoming more and more solidly possible because of YOUR help! (Plus there are some really cool modeling campaigns rolling out This spring for people interested in new images). 

I’ll be doing a live video update soon for everyone in this forum this coming week if anyone has any questions or suggestions!