1) Birth of the world
In the beginning, everything was dark. In this darkness, there was a god, Batu, walking across a barren desert. There was also a goddess, Besar, swimming through an empty ocean. Each was ruler of their own world, and each was completely alone.

Then -no one knows when, because time had not begun yet- Batu opened his mouth, and caves and tunnels opened beneath the ground. He shouted, the first word that had ever been spoken. That first word was "who," and it meant that he wished there were someone else.

Besar heard the first word, and knew what it meant, and wondered who had spoken. She rose from the depths to hear it better, and when she broke the surface the first waves crashed across the water.

Batu saw the first waves, and waved his arms so that whoever had made them could see him better. Where he raised his arm, rocks rose up from the ground, and those were the first mountains.

But Besar was far away, and soon the first waves died down. Batu fell to his knees, mourning his solitude, feeling more alone than before. He cried the second word, which was "no," and meant that he did not want to believe.

Besar heard the second word, and knew what it meant, and swam faster to find who had spoken. The wake she left became the first current.

When she reached Batu, at first she did not know what to do, because she had never seen another person before. She swayed back and forth, unsure, and her movements became the first tides.

Finally, Besar knew what to do. She whispered the third word, which was "yes," and meant that everything was alright.

Batu heard the third word, and knew what it meant, and stood up to see who had spoken. When he stood, the first cliffs rose to meet the sea, and when his eyes met hers, the first stars shone in the sky, bringing light to the darkness.

Besar smiled at Batu, and the first precious stones began to form.

Batu's heart quickened, and his blood became the first magma flowing deep within the earth.

Besar laughed, and sent the first air to fill the sky.

Batu reached out his hand, and the first beach stretched from the land to the sea.

Besar took his hand in hers, and their intertwined fingers became the first islands.

Batu put his arms around her, and they became the banks of the first rivers.

Besar wept for joy, and her tears became the first rain to fall from the sky.

Batu ran his hand through her hair, and the first animals swam through the oceans.

Besar kissed his lips, and the first plants grew upon the land.

Together, they spoke the fourth word, which was "love," and meant that they were not alone.

In this way was the world born.