1 Down, 76 to go!
So yeah, I finally started that big project! It took me quite some time to figure out how to start, how much detail I could put in while still being acceptable polygone-wise.

"700 polygons? Oh that's not that bad, and it looks great! How many of these do I need again? ..77? ..So 700 polygons x 77 = 53.900 polygons, and then another 1000 for the garden.. Lol nope.." *deletes everything, again..*

The one on the image is 334 polygons so the total building would be around 25000 polygons I guess, still a lot but keep in mind it's a building for a 35x25 grid ;) 

It's still an early stage, but can you guess the building? ;)

However don't get your hopes up just yet, from what I've see so far it will take a lot of time to finish. It's not just huge but I also have to find out how sub-buildings-enabler mod works plus I need to keep my motivation up with all the trial and errors (already). With everything together I made the decision to take my time for this building. So I'll keep making smaller assets and work on this big building in-betweens. Of course I'll keep you guys updated with the progress!

So now what? I was thinking of a small crematory, a brutalist office, or maybe some small houses? Hmm the possibilities...

UPDATE: Stormdust_23 just made it already, so I won't be finishing this project. Download his version over here: