1 : Incident

“Hazel!” The voice made Hazel turn her head. 

Hazel. Right… that her name. Her full name is Tristin Hazel Tahir. An ordinary name. But… when everyone heard her name, they will comment that name is ‘weird’ – unordinary name . Tristin or Hazel? The both is ‘weird’. Typical malay name is Sarah, Aisyah, Fauziah. 

She don’t know which part is come to weird. Unless he name is Corylus Avellana. Is accepted. What is that? It’s your turn to google =)). She felt lucky her mother give her name is Hazel. 

“Hazel-nut butter. Hazel-nut butter” Sabiha call Hazel nickname while taking a step toward her. Give hazel a sweet smile as always.

Hazel-nut butter. Right. Most of Hazel friends like to call her by that name. She also have a few nickname was given to her since her name is unordinary. She’s uneasy for the first time heard that name, but now she’s adapted. Immune. 

Don’t worry, her name is exactly Hazel, but her brother name is not cashew either pistachio. Only her, is Hazel. Hazel one thought that during her mother pregnant with her, she’s dying wanted to eat hazel-nut. Or maybe because of her ayes colour. She’s the only one who heir her mother’s eyes colour, hazel. 

“Hazel… Hazel.. Hazel” Maybe she’s a very beautiful since Sabiha call her name non-stop.

Hazel smile while wave her hand to Sabiha. Her best friend in college. They meet since first day in the college. The person whom together make in abusive, take Hazel attendant on behalf while she never come to class. Now they’ve know each other for almost three years. They both in the final semester. 

“How long we never meet. I really miss you!” They hugged each other. The woman theory. It’s normal act if they jump like a monkey when they meet. 

“Please don’t make a drama, okay. That only two month. It’s not two year!” Hazel laughed. And she get a hit by a dictionary on her shoulder. 

“Hey…. That hurt okay. How about my shoulder dislocated? What do you want to explain to Iwan?” Hazel scolded while rubbing her aching shoulder. 

Who’s Iwan? Hazel fiancé. Two years older than her. Her senior before. Now he had work at south country. They rarely meet. Their relationship based on trust toward each others.

Sabiha show her cold smile and it make Hazel fantasy flee. That is a Sabiha reaction for every time Hazel mentioned her beloved fiancé name. 

“Huh.. Annoying okay… I’m hungry. Let go for eat” 

“Okay.. deal!”

Both of them look for food store. Today their class finished a bit early. Lecturer come just for the introduction and make a briefing. Most of the lecturer like to cancel of their class. 

“Hazel.. please accompany me to post office. I want to settle a few thing” Ask Sabiha. 

“OK. But what do you want to but for me after this?” Hazel laughs nasty while winking her eyes. 

“Wow! Are you really meant?” Sabiha shows her sour face while Hazel happy laughing. She felt funny while looking at Sabiha face but still want to continue her action.

“Of course. This service it’s not for free you know. That’s still not include the tax fee” Hazel answer while winking her eyes. 

“Okay. I will buy movie ticket for you. If I’m not mistaken, there are new movie just airing” Sabiha offer. 

“Okay.. deal accepted”  

Today, they want to enjoy their free time. Before the head crake with an assignment. Before the class schedule pack. Before they have a short time to settle their final project. Now is time for fun!


Hazel feel a bit bored while waiting for Sabiha settle her thing at post office. She remembered her mobile out of credit while she walk slowly go to 7-Eleven store beside the post office to buy a mobile reload. 

When she look at the ice-cream box inside the store, her craving rose. She’s take-out a Magnum Almond. Her favourite ice-cream. After make a payment, she walk towards the door. Right hand rip the Magnum cover, while her left hand push-out the entrance door. She’s start bite her Magnum, suddenly she felt like her body twist. 

“Oh, shit! Damn it!”

Hazel don't have time to analyze the voice owner who curse her when she saw her Magnum in her hand was gone. She looked on the ground. Feel like to crying. Her Magnum already on the floor.

“Hey! Are you blind?” Hazel shocked when she heard comment. A hard voice. She lifted her head. A man, looked a slightly tense while rubbing his leather jacket. 

“What? You called me blind?” Her temper rose up to the head. As is he could sense Hazel anger, he lifted his head. Look straight toward Hazel. Their eyes meet while Hazel feel stuck through his sharp eye. He had a very beautiful eyes even he give her a sharp look. 

“Yes you are” Hazel do not hear that comment. She was delighted with a beautiful sight before her. She classified that face as a T.I virus spreaders. Turning Inducing virus. The meaning is, when he appeared in front of the girl, they will definitely look again.. and again… and again without fail. The very dangerous virus!

With upright hair style. Thick eyebrows. Pointed nose. Bearded and trimmed well. Read lips while he smile. Clearly show two dimples in his cheeks. A beautiful scenery. 

Hazel suddenly wake up from her wishful thinking. One again she look straight to a man in front of her. 

“Finished your sight? Don’t want to take a picture? Put under your pillow. May kiss every night” A very sarcastic comment followed by sarcastic look. 

Hazel face turn to red. She sniffs. Diverted her eyes. Looking at her melt Magnum on the floor, suddenly her anger rose again. 

“Next time, please walk with your eyes. Don’t make people trouble. That why the Almighty created an eyes on the head, and not on the knee” That man scolded. 

This is a human weakness. The word come out from the mouth is not as beautiful as a face. Can’t he speak politely? And it’s really Hazel wrongdoing? For Hazel, that man make a mistake. He took a wrong person to release his anger. Hazel’s very sure that she is innocent. The man in front of her is bullying a wrong person.

“Yes you are right…. The Almighty didn’t create the eyes on the knee, but.. he also didn’t create the mouth on the ass. Can’t you speak politely, bro?” Hazel release her anger. That man was surprised when he heard Hazel word. 

“Bro?” Hazel do not understand when he show a blurr look. 

“Yes… bro. brother” Hazel answer. Once again that man’s eyes look straight into the Hazel eyes. Serious looked. Hazel show her innocent face. 

“And bro, I think you are the one who bump to me first” Hazel accused that man. 

“Do not………………..”

“Baby……” Before that man could answer, came a beautiful woman to intervene in their mouth fight. 

“Baby… what wrong?” Spooled tone. She closely linked that man’s arm. Hazel amused. She’s not realize the reason. Though she never know the both of them. 

“Nothing darling. A misunderstanding. This girl bump into me but she don’t want to admit it. Don’t want to apologise either” the big baby in front of Hazel started his complaining. 

“Bro, I never bump into you. As if right, it’s just accidentally” while Hazel looking at her melt ice—cream on the floor. 

“Now you see. I can’t eat my ice-cream” 

He looked at Hazel.

“It’s okay baby.. small matter. Did you want to fight with underage?” The darling think’s Hazel is the underage girl. But in fact, she has been twenty-two years old. 

“Please baby… what other people will say. Give a bit, okay” Darling tried to persuade the big baby. He sniffed dissatisfied. Tense face.

“You are right darling. Please tell to this baby, talk with his brain. Luckily he bump into me. What about he bump into a mafia gang? I don’t think that this baby will have a chance to growing up” 

Hazel show her cynical smile. He stunned. Hazel take her step before big baby could open his mouth. 

“We still have a debt, you know?” Hazel heard the voice but never turn her head. In her heart really hope that this person will never appear in her life again.