Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month 54 patrons
You will get all my patron-only updates. This means that you will also get each chapter of I3 a week before it goes online, in addition to various patron-only goodies, art, side stories, work-in-progress snippets...
$2 or more per month 69 patrons
You will get my patron-only updates, and DRM-free ebooks of each completed season for very convenient reading. :) You will also get the bonus stories in ebooks, too.
$5 or more per month 20 of 25 patrons
In addition to previous tiers, you will get a micropoem with art and commentary from my fictional divinatory book I am working on, once every six months of backing. You get to provide a 1-word prompt!

You will also get advance previews of my monthly book buying guides!

$10 or more per month 7 of 10 patrons
You will get a reading recommendation (stories, poems, books, comics...) each month, just for you! You can link your Goodreads, Librarything or similar social book site account for maximum effectiveness :) If your TBR pile threatens to topple over already, you can also sponsor a regular #diversestories recommendation instead (until I run out of slots).
$50 or more per month 1 of 3 patrons
I will write a story or poem for you. Seriously. Each month, for as long as you back me. You can give me a prompt if you feel like. If the piece gets published, it will be dedicated to you! (Creator rights remain with me. I might decide to send out the work in a traditional fashion, or to put it up for free online.)
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