1 Million Subscribers + Dupdate (Dub+Update)
Dupdate Time!

Pretty insane to think Jaboody Dubs hit 1 million subs... I feel like last time i really looked at the count it was sittin around 500k. 

I was amazed when it was only 500k, and I thought it would be rad if we could hit 1 million within the next 3 years or so.

This past year we were able to focus on creating full time (thanks to you guys) and that sub count went way up REALLY fast.

Comin up next is the "MXC" Style show dub. We got all the recording done but we realized its kinda all over the place so this week we are going over the lines and cutting stuff out and just making it play out smoother.  Every new show we try to dub is like solving a new puzzle, but after we get the first episode done we can do more in the future way faster/easier. After that process we gotta lay in the soundtrack and sound effects which should be pretty fun!

We sat around and thought of some really, really cool ideas for our 2nd channel. We came up with a new show that we are going to film this upcoming weekend and get that rolling asap. It's our way of bringing back "world of worldstar" but hopefully in a method that avoids videos/the channel getting taken down. I've always wanted to bring that show back man, it's so fun and people really enjoyed it. I don't want stupid YouTube rules to stop us from having fun and making people laugh. I think it has huge potential.

We got tons of podcasts recorded this past weekend and a batman cartoon comp will be going up real soon (this week, if not next).

What else...

We are also going to film a new behind the scenes video for you guys, we have revamped our setup quite a bit. Just had an electrician come in pump more power into our studio and install an AC. We were working under some crazy, sweaty, fire-hazardous conditions for waaayyyyyyyy too long. 

So yeah - TONS of stuff in the works. Stay tuned - thank ya, love ya!

...now where's my GOD DAMN GOLDEN YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTON AWARD?! (asses over at youtube never even sent me a silver one for hitting 100k subs)