$1 Million Bitcoin In 2018?
Greetings patrons and general public. Well, after 9.5 hours on the road yesterday in a motorhome, from Santa Barbara, CA—a 1-night stopover and hosting of Dr. Michael Eades at camp for a charcoal BBQ dinner—to Arnold, CA in the Sierras, I'm finally back at my normal desk after 10 days.

I'm up at 5:30 a.m., loaded with coffee, checking all systems and it's a go for launching the next in the Bitcoin FOMO TL;DR series which covered getting into Bitcoin NOW in a public post, buying a couple of Altcoins NOW in a patron-only post, and then getting your stash into wallets NOW.

The next, up later today, will be on setting up both desktop and wallet portfolios, so that in a few months time you wake up to this, which represents my Patreon portfolio that I started Sep 3, 2017 with weekly buys in Bitcoin and some 39 Altcoins, including about 5 ICOs. These are all to hodl, incidentally.

Beyond that, I have three more Bitcoin FOMO TL;DRs planned for Patrons.

1. Going from fiat to Bitcoin with zero fees using ACH transfer and GDAX.

2. Buying altcoins directly with your Jaxx wallet using Shape Shift.

3. Buying ERC-20 tokens using the EtherDelta exchange.

But is it true, as some say, that this is just the beginning? Take a look at the link I just forwarded, provided via a Patron over on the Discord channel we have set up (see here about getting your Discord rewards).

For price levels already achieved through $11,500, the model backtests remarkably well, back to 2015. While past performance does not predict the future, it is sweet to contemplate prices of $100K, even $1 million, and much sooner than the wildest predictions have foretold.

It's really funny when guys like John Mcafee have to come out saying he got it wrong by over 100%, but in the opposite way people often get it wrong. That is, people thought he was crazy calling for $5,000 Bitcoin in 2017 and here I sit with Bitcoin at $12,800. Astounding.

Wrap your mind around this chart, then read the background at the link.

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