1 min. Inspiration & Motivation – Discouragement
Hello! Good Morning! This is FriarWade,
here in Lakeland, Florida, with your one
moment of motivation and inspiration!

Today's word is "Discouragement!"

How can you call that a moment
of motivation and inspiration?

Well, I don't know, but doesn't anybody
get discouraged besides me?

What happens when the people that you
look up to and you respect the most,
What happens when they say something
that just crushes your heart?

What if you've been trying to be a
success in a matter, and the person
that's closest to you – whether it's your
spouse or whether it's your best friend –
or whether it's your son or daughter,
maybe it's your mom or dad, and you've
been trying to do your best and they
make a comment and it just crashed –
It just crushes you?

What do you do? Do you mope around?
Do you get discouraged?
Do you get angry?
Do you punch a hole in the wall?
Do you pull out your hair?
What goes on?

You can do all those things OR
you can take a step back and you can say,
"You know what?!"
"Whether they approve of me or don't
approve of me, I am making decisions for
my good and for the good of those around me!

And I know that nothing worth-while is easy,
that it all takes WORKS!

So you can count your
blessings every day and
even with those closest to you speak words
and you take them wrong.

Maybe they did not even intend
to be taken that way
but you took it that way!
You know what?

The best thing to do is
is pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Shake the "sillies" out
and say, "NO! I know what's right!
I know what I want to do and with God's
help, I'm going to continue on!

Whether I succeed or whether I fail,
I will not quit
Because I can do all things
through Christ who strengthens me!

This is FriarWade,
here in Lakeland, Florida
with your one moment
of motivation and inspiration!

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We're broadcasting moments of
inspiration to inspire people to make a
difference and I challenge you to make a
difference in the lives of others today!

You know what?
You just did!

God Bless You!
Have a fantastic day!
and we'll catch you tomorrow!


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