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1 more week until art party!!
We have a whole 10lb batch of organic oatmeal soap base on the way for our next art party! We thought it would be nice since SO many folks requested more unisex and earthy and even more masculine oils and textures.

What essential oils would YOU like to make soap with on December 1? We have more molds this round. We are not using loaf boxes for everyone this time, but we can absolutely make multiple molds etc.

The oatmeal soap is a good clean soap, no it doesn’t smell like breakfast lol, but it is a great exfoliant and is known for curing dermal dismay. The soap is vegan and organic and sourced as close to home as possible.

Do you know that means repair Café is also only 3 weeks away? That is a special one, folks... we would really like to share your unwanted unneeded extra things that you would like to be free of. We are organizing a free shop where anyone can take what they like. You can drop things off beforehand or the day of Repair Café.

Items that do great in a free shop are:
Books- all reading levels, cookbooks, blank journals and notebooks etc.
Tools- any and all tools go quickly.
Clothing- please make sure the clothing is clean.
Shoes- best to be wearable/ waterproof.
Home goods- honestly anything
Kids/Baby- clothes, shoes, toys, and games, cribs, strollers etc.
Random things in general.
None of it should be drug-related, paraphernalia, or inappropriate for young eyes and ears. We generally have families showing up and consideration of family needs will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU for your generosity.

The day after , we are having an open gift workshop where anyone can finish their gifts and wrap them. We re accepting donations of scrap wrapping paper, used gift bags, tissue paper and bows etc. also you’re more than welcome to volunteer if you’d like to help wrap or make cards etc.
Whatever is unclaimed at the end of the day will be donated to goodwill.