#1 of 4 Weeks to Father's Day Mission

My son was born this week.

over 10 years ago. When we got home 

from the hospital then it dawned on me...

This baby knew how to smile already,

and it was more than sweet,

smiling like everything is alright,

or at least gonna be.

From that moment on,

I felt all my talents start to increase.

Bein' daddy made me a better man,

this is sort of deep.

My daughter born a few weeks

after now, little more than 3.

Her birthday falls on the week

of Father's Day, that's more than deep.

They say go on release

a new album, that's

what they want from me.

Remind me that my verses is priceless,

even though talk is cheap.

Though they know what it's like to

have a home with the fruits of labor,

the labor that's sustaining the home is 

what they don't often see.

To be the perfect parent I wanna be,

follow my dreams, but hard to dream,

when you a parent, cause

you don't often sleep.

Ironically I wanna release

the music they want from me,

but gotta work for all they need

and take for granted awkwardly.

Drive 'em to school, pay bills,

get 'em gifts, buyin 'em food,

But love my wife cause she still

support da dream, fortunately.

This year on top of all the work she do,

my wife is drivin' my daughter to reach

school, so I got more time to tour and speak.

Plus my younger brother from another

mother just quit his day job, so we could

support eachother on tour for weeks.

On FATHER'S DAY I'm givin'

the vision my children WANNA SEE,

their father out of debt,

affordin' to be who I'm BORN TO BE!

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