$10,000.00 Clothes Giveaway (potentially)

ARIDAN is giving 1 lucky patron some free custom Clothes and Upholstery. Whatever the winner decides they want us to make for them. any materials, prints, size, cut, sew, style, amount! up to a certain limit of course. If you are a patron at any level you are eligible to win get ANY clothing you want up to the spending limit. 1 month from now on Valentine's we'll randomly pick a winner. If you win you can get us to make your dream Wedding Dress, Top quality Jeans, Curtains for your whole house, a bunch of T-shirts, Bed sheets fit for royalty, heck we'll make your whole spring wardrobe! as long as what you want is within the spending limit!

The spending limit for the winner is simple... the winner of the contest gets to spend TEN Times the number of people who enter the contest. So if 100 people are in the contest, the winner, gets custom ARIDAN clothing and or upholstery worth $1000.00  if 1000 people enter, the winner gets a wardrobe $10,000 worth of ARIDAN made stuff. Even if just one person is entered, they automatically win $10 of whatever clothing their heart can dream up!

You are Automatically entered if you are a patron! Become a Patron any level to enter

ARIDAN Makes what you want. so you can give us a picture, a drawing, or even just a description and we will design, cut, and sew what you want. turning your ideas into reality! Our price is always fair Most of the time we match or beat the Prices from the Chinese sweatshops and our Quality is top notch.