10/10/16 - grumbly night, grumbly arts
not only did this suck, but also i discovered while riding my bike on the street that someone vandalized said bike.  jerkwads unknown broke off the rearview mirror and stole the linchpin that holds the bike leash mechanism to the bike.

it woudln't have been so demeaning if i hadn't found out about it while riding the bike, not to mention that i learned of it at the exact same time my dog did, when the arm of the mechanism came off in the middle of the street with a terrible clanging noise and eloise ended up dragging it noisily behind her, terrified out of her mind. i told her to stand still and she did, and that's another reason dogs are too good for us. she trusted me to make the scary clangmonster stop chasing her.  fucking christ, man. unnecessary distress for my beastie is not ok. someone loses a ballsack if i ever find out who did it.

also i can't help but imagine if that shit had happened in fucking traffic. she could have been killed. anyway, as i was trying to fix the bike leash thingie, it started to rain all cold and annoying, and i gave up, drove to my sanity spot and drew this in the car while i collected pokeballs and my un-exercised princess snoozed in the back. 

rawr >:(