10/12/2016 - Mo-Hog + general updates
Please enjoy the absurdly fashionable hedgehog, a cute-and-spiny incarnation of a cute-but-less-spiny pal of mine who was having a tough day! He writes some great words about queer things, so I highly recommend checking him out.

It's been about a month since my last update on here. I fell to the great lethargy beast, I'm afraid, but I've had a burst of energy for the last few days that I'm hopeful will continue. Transformed #2 is continuing along at a mostly-steady pace - the pages are constantly open on my desktop and at minimum I try to plug away at a panel or two every day. I expect it to be done at some point in November. Probably towards the later end of the month? We'll see! Energy-boost withholding I'll be sharing regular progress updates on here. Cheers!