Arizona to Texas was uneventful. Except for the dead guy.

It started with a phone call from our escrow folks. Seems ours was the first house ever sold, so they fucked it up. They forgot to get a SWIFT code from Bank of America, so the wire with our proceeds bounced. I had to track that information down and give it to escrow. Of course, escrow charged me $45 for the bounced wire. Because they did it wrong.

Soon after we entered New Mexico, police cars started passing us at high speed. In a little bit we caught up with them. I saw a lot of flashing lights, so I started filming. I thought it was going to be some police over-reaction. 

Then we saw the guy laying on his back about 6 feet from his VW bug. The video shows someone either very dead or very relaxed.

I uploaded the video just in case I was accidently murdered. 

I wasn't.