10/2 Update
Hi hi all~. So let's try to get all this all quick-tagged.

-House has managed to keep their new job. They were only paid for four days work due to a weird pay rotation. But in 12 days that should be rectified.

-When that happens, I'll be commissioning art for the new Trap Story mini series and getting those written up on DA as a 'at least once a week' side project.

-Cover art concept for Paused Hearts was approved. Now it's just in the 'Waiting for Sketches' stage. If it's like the usual I should have the cover received by late this month/early next month.

Not too much new beside that. I've been working (for free) at the family's work to try and help them get off on time whenever they're on closing shift. Been streaming a lot more to try and supplement things and speed up the commission processes. I did get about $13.50 last week. That's a vast improvement over past efforts. XD

Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to having things rolling again soon.