10 Cute and Funny Babies Who Look Like Celebrities
"Wow, is that multi-Grammy winner John Legend?!" Nope, just a baby impersonator. Have you ever had a friend, aunt, uncle, etc that looked like a celebrity? Well this is some next level [email protected]#t, this is babies that look like celebrities. These infant doppelgängers’ were made to look like the stars from the start. The perfect combo of genes had literally given birth to these adorable little celebrity look-a-likes.

While most babies look like squishy-faced drool machines, some babies can pass for celebrity doppelgangers. 

From Jamie Oliver and Gandalf to Jay Z and Gordon Ramsey, we've included them all and their look-a-like babies in this list.

Which one of these baby look a likes was the most shocking? Which baby do you think looks the most like the celebrity? Let us know in the comments!