10 Days To 100 Patrons!
Hello friends,

There's a lot happening this month, and I'm centering everything around a little ten-day Patreon pledge drive: "10 Days To 100 Patrons"!

The pledge drive will take place Oct. 12-21 in hopes to drum up more patron support. We are currently 31 patrons strong, and I've set a very ambitious goal of 100 patrons in 10 days because I know how much of a difference that will make in my creative sustainability moving forward...

The more pledge support I receive, the bigger, better, and more frequently I can create for all of you. It's strength in numbers – and while I can't press the importance of your patronage enough, it's really about the community that this cultivates and the ongoing relationship it fosters with creativity.

So please join me live on Facebook for five (5) live web concerts on Oct. 13, 15, 17, 19 & 21 as apart of this ten (10)-day pledge drive. All shows are at 4pm PST / 7pm EST and you can check my show dates page for more details.

My forthcoming Live From The Chapel album & video "rockumentary" (due out in December) will be my 10th album release, so every day I'll be honoring each album I've released over the years! Day #1 will honor album #1 (and so forth), so please keep tabs on my social media posts throughout the pledge drive...

There are more fun projects I've got brewing... But I can't do it without patron support.

I hope you'll consider spreading the good word about Patreon and my 10-day pledge drive coming up to anyone you think might be interested. And I'd love for you to consider increasing your current monthly pledge even a few dollars in months to come. Every dollar counts, and every dollar is tax-deductible as well :)

Thanks so much for your ongoing support...

Yours in music,


PS- Check out the new Patreon welcome video above if you haven't yet... But fair warning – you will crave coffee after!