10 Facts About Cat
Continuing with the 10 Facts Series, here's 10 Facts about Cat:

Cat's full name is Catherine Feline

Her favorite activity is drawing - particularly inventing new characters and experimenting with different worlds for them to inhabit.

Though in her first year of college, she's not taking as many general classes as she should. She's focused on getting her prerequisite art courses finished first.

She has a natural inclination to isolate herself from others, making it difficult to learn social skills. Cat is trying improve on this now that she's an adult. It's terrifying.

Cat currently lives with two roommates - Dawn and Ronnie. Dawn helped Cat feel more at ease with her and Ronnie by bonding over triple fudge brownies.

When stressed out, the most comforting thing Cat can do for herself is build a "nest" of stuffed animals and curl up inside.

Cat has twin younger siblings. There's a 6 year age gap, so she doesn't always connect well with them. But they all love playing video games together.

Her parents are covering Cat's college expenses, as an incentive for her to keep her grades up. It puts a lot of pressure on her, but she is an Honors student as a result.

Cat's mother chose the name 'Catherine' to avoid any cruel taunts. She was morbidly embarrassed after learning it could be shorted to 'Cat.'

Cat doesn't mind it, but everyone makes a point to call her 'Catherine' around her mother.

Cat enjoys living with Dawn and Ronnie because they accept her they way she is now, which encourages her to become a better person and friend to them in kind.

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