10 Facts About Dawn
And just before the next comic page, this week's 10 Facts will end with Dawn. If there's another character you'd like to see 10 Facts of in the future, let me know!


Dawn's full name is Dawn Doe.

Currently in her first year of college, Dawn is taking basic business courses. Career-wise, she wants to be in charge, whether it's managing her own business or someone else's.

Dawn's mother and father were raised Catholic, but her mother converted to Mormonism when Dawn was nine. Dawn never converted, but her younger brother did.

Her favorite activity is baking. The best part is seeing her treats bring others together - like her roommates, Ronnie and Cat.

Dawn is currently dating a buck named Brian. He's accident-prone, but she finds this makes him more attentive and caring.

Dawn's mother was diagnosed with cancer when Dawn was a girl, and has been in and out of hospitals since for treatment.

She has a tense relationship with her brother, who loves being Mormon and keeps pressuring her to convert. Dawn has no interest in this, but doesn't want to debate it in front of their parents.

Dawn has a habit of immediately stepping in to help and care for her friends when they have problems, giving her a motherly attitude towards them.

She enjoys dressing up, particularly in pencil skirts and blouses.

Dawn considers Cat and Ronnie real friends because she forgets her own troubles when with them - even when they fight.