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Hey rabbits!

There are a ton of ridiculous and strange German words out there, but I bet you haven't heard of most verbs I'm going to present to you in today's video. Verkasematuckeln, klamüsern, vergriesgnaddeln? Could these German verbs sound any funnier? The answer is NO! They are three of the 10 funniest sounding German verbs that I know. 

Watch this episode to find out what they mean, how to use them and which other 7 verbs are on my list. Oh, and wait for the acting performance in the end! It sums up all the mentioned words perfectly and will help you memorize them - in case you... want that. For some reason. :D

Have fun! :)


PS: Since I'm in pregnancy week 34 now, my doctor said that I don't have to stay in bed all the time anymore. So yaaaaay, I can sit and walk again. Sounds ironic, but I mean it. Very happy about that. So soon I'll try to film a new video, let's see what my body thinks about that. Of course I'll still rest as much as I can and I would never risk my baby's health, but for now I have green light from my doctor and many scripts are waiting for me. Let's give it a try! :)

Hopefully that also means that I'm going to be able to answer emails again soon. Just please understand that Im putting a slightly higher priority on producing videos at the moment. Writing emails is something I can do any time of the day, I don't have to prepare anything or to wear make up and nice clothes. But filming is not that flexible. Still, I hope you'll hear from me soon, just give me a bit more time. :3