10 Largest Companies Obstructing Climate Policy
This article is from last year but every bit of it still holds true; ten to a hundred fold now that they have successfully planted their lobbyists (e.g. Scott 'Polluting' Pruitt) and the Putin Puppet in the Executive Branch.

I want to follow up on the status of the AG's investigations of #ExxonKnew and find out what our allies are up to in combating this kleptocracy. How and what can direct action activists do to ensure a thriving future for our children and grand-children?

From my original post: 

I checked out the link on the secretive group, NEDA/CAP (in the U.S.) and despite having the sub-title "Clean Air Project", they are a 'members only' site for the top polluters. Their tactics include using lawsuits against the EPA to stop any and all regulation of carbon emissions. Do they have a valid case against the EPA? Definitely not, but these lawsuits serve a purpose regardless of their outcome; harassment and intimidation. If there's anyone besides Exxon to prosecute for crimes against humanity & life, well, here ya go.