10 Most Powerful JEDI Knight and SITH Lord In The STAR WARS Universe
Who Were the Strongest Jedi of All Time?

Hello all Star Wars fans,

Star Wars has been around for decades now, spanning past the original movies and literally into a galaxy of its own. The space opera created by George Lucas has been prominent in American pop culture since its inception and still stands as one of the most influential works of science fiction ever made. With hundreds of books, comics and video games all telling their own stories within the Star Wars Universe, it has become something of an entity of its own. Now that Disney has bought the rights to it and with multiple new movies coming out in the future, fans new and old eagerly anticipate this next wave of Star Wars related media.

This list was developed with a specific lens; it is a collection of members of the Jedi Order who remain a part of the official Star Wars canon. Force-sensitive users who were never members of the Jedi Order, whether they remained neutral, were Dark Force wielders, or Sith. Former members of the Jedi order, however, who became Sith or used the Dark side of the Force, were still considered in the making of this list.