10 Questions with Karianne Jean
Recently Karianne Jean participated in our 10 questions segment. What would you like to know about some of your favorite Indie Musicians. Comment below with questions you would like us to cover in these segments.


Karianne Jean


Karianne has been singing since she could talk, her mom wouldn't have it any other way! Her mom gave singing lessons every time she heard her singing. In the car, in her room, even in the shower. Those little tips here and there have made her the singer she is today. There is no where she would rather be than on stage singing & performing or writing songs. Music is the universal language, and she is proud to be apart of it.

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John Voshell


I have a passion for music, and helping people. I've met and chatted with hundreds of Indie Musicians from around the globe. For the past four years I have worked on spreading the music of these musicians. Music has helped me throughout my life, and this is my way of giving back to the musicians that make it.

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