10. Spectator Sport | One Time
If you missed the Q&A, please check it out here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PD7Q... Here we are, guys. We've hit the big double digits. I know it's not that huge of a milestone, but I'm still getting all sentimental. Our storytellers this week! http://youtube.com/gemllama http://www.youtube.com/criticallit http://youtube.com/theheavyblanks http://youtube.com/neafcy http://youtube.com/KayleeCommons One Time is curated and edited by http://youtube.com/lesliefoundhergrail I talk more about the process and send announcements first at http://twitter.com/foundhergrail http://foundhergrail.tumblr.com You can support the growth and expansion of the series at http://patreon.com/onetime