10 Things I Hate
I made this video 4 years ago. Bringin' it back because it's a good companion to a new video on Hate(rs) that I'm working on currently. All's fair. :) I have so many new amazing things going right now. Lately I've become superstitious about announcing these things before showing you, so I'm keeping it all mum until I can say more. For instance, just yesterday I had an incredible meeting for what might be the biggest project I've ever taken on. But I can't talk about it until April. :oO I will, however, dole out mysterious bits and pieces as I go along. Like a puzzle we work out together and then reveal in its entirety in a couple months. It's so Immersion. If you weren't on the Immersion Train back when, well......... It's too complicated to explain in this post, but I'll make sure to talk about it extensively in my memoirs. ;) SO. MANY. GOOD. THINGS. It's all happening............ xo
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