10 Year Anniversary Album: Magic The Gathering
So, October marks 10 Years as the Rhythm Bastard!  

What originally started as me learning songs from Rock Band has evolved into a whole shebang involving lots of new music, lots of shows at conventions and all kinds of other bullshit.  

I've released a wide swath of music over the past 10 years (though I uploaded my first song to NewGrounds in 2009), and I want to put out an album that covers all of my bases, and the songs I've put out in the first ten years. 

Some of these songs will be rerecorded, remixed and remastered because I've learned so much since I've first started doing this.  So over the next couple weeks, I'm doing a few polls to see what songs you all would like to see on such a thing. There's some that I play ALL THE TIME live that I'd definitely want to have, but I want to know what YOU think! 

This poll is for all my Magic The Gathering songs!

Eventually I will have a proper Vorthos Rock Album, but for now, what are some of the big ones that belong on a "Best Of"?

Unstable (Unstable)

Find The Immortal Sun (Ixalan)

Imminent Doom (Hour Of Devastation)

Aether Revolt (Aether Revolt)

The Inventor's Fair (Kaladesh)

Anguished Unmaking (Shadows Over Innistrad)

Take The Oath (Oath Of The Gatewatch)

Unbroken (Dragons Of Tarkir)

Change The War (Fate Reforged)

Force Of Dragons (Khans Of Tarkir)

Hunting Bigger Game (Magic 2015)

0 votes total

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