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#100 - The Angry Chicken [Prime]: “May the Chicken be with You”

Our 100th episode is here! The support since we launched the Patreon has been incredible. We have been able to put so much more time into TAC than when we started and it's all because of you! The three of us have big changes coming to our lives this year and this helps immensely. So to our now 500+ bosses, thank you for giving value in return and for being the most die hard cluckers around.

Don't forget to post in the comments below for a chance to win the TAC mug and bottle opener. They're mighty pretty. Apparently I can't post a picture within the body of a post that already has a video linked so check them out on my twitter. Good luck!

The Usual Blurb

Welcome to the 100th episode of The Angry Chicken! To celebrate this milestone Team 5's own Ben Brode joins the show to talk about The Grand Tournament's release and development, and also to pal around for the entire episode! The TAC crew were also joined by returning guests Karma and Frodan. It's a packed show and ends with many calls from you fine listeners.

Thank you all for your support of the show. It has been an insane ride so far for the three of us. We're looking forward to many more shows, and many more celebrations of all things Hearthstone.

You can email the show at [email protected]. Follow us on for the live shows.

TAC #100 Post and Show Notes:

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